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All true Republicans: Join Sen. Raggio in his crossover vote for Sen. Harry Reid
by David Farside
Oct 12, 2010 | 1656 views | 5 5 comments | 11 11 recommendations | email to a friend | print
By Woodrow
By Woodrow
Republican state Sen. Bill Raggio’s endorsement of U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, a Democrat, demonstrates political common sense and emphasizes the unity and necessity of both Democrats and Republicans to defeat Reid’s challenger, Sharron Angle.

Last week, Republican mayor of Reno Bob Cashell, Sparks City Councilwoman Julia Ratti (standing in for Republican mayor of Sparks Geno Martini) and Democratic mayor of Carson City Bob Crowell endorsed Sen. Reid, citing a few of the projects his influence as U.S. Senate majority leader has brought to local communities.

Among other things, under Reid’s direction, Reno received $15 million for its train trench in 2005 — a project many of us were originally opposed to but in hindsight was a needed project. Another $3 million is on its way to construct the proposed Meadowood interchange, creating jobs and relieving some of the congestion at the busy interchange. The Reno Housing Authority (RHA) has just received $1 million to purchase and refurbish homes for low-income families in deteriorating neighborhoods. And the city of Sparks secured more than $2 million for a water treatment plant.

Carson City’s mayor praised Sen. Reid saying he helped in securing $10 million to fund a new runway at the Carson City airport. The improved airport will attract more businesses looking to locate to the Carson Valley. If Angle was senator, she wouldn’t vote for anything that would help business, labor or the struggling communities. She says that’s not her job.

All of these projects created much-needed jobs. Yet, Jerry Stacy, Angle’s press secretary, blamed the “many thousands of Nevadans being without jobs and homes” on what he called Reid’s “dangerous and extreme agenda.” That’s bemusing to me because Angle wants to eliminate government’s role in creating jobs but she still criticizes Reid for not doing more to create jobs. What a hypocrite!

Even former Republican first lady of Nevada Dema Guinn endorsed Sen. Reid. She said her husband would have supported Reid because of his support of Kenny Guinn’s Millennium Scholarship program.

The fund provided a college education for thousands of Nevada students. Some would argue the program failed because it lowered the standard of a “quality education.” Others would counter and say the program provided an opportunity for those who would otherwise be doomed to a lifetime career at a fast-food drive-thru window. If Angle had her way, there wouldn’t have been any money to build a university in the first place.

Sen. Reid also has used his influence for the betterment of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Indians. His negotiated settlement has resolved age-old disputes over agriculture water rights, consumer use and water storage for drought conditions. I have personally crossed swords with Reid concerning water meters, uncontrolled growth and quality of life issues in the Truckee Meadows. However, I’ll still vote for him.

The settlement also provides for a timely release of stored water during the spawn of the cui-ui, an endangered fish species inhabiting Pyramid Lake. Years ago, David Cook, a local hydrologist, helped the tribe develop its own fish hatchery. Reid has provided government funding for both the hatchery and maintaining the pristine beauty of Pyramid Lake. Sharron Angle would have done nothing to help the tribe, save the fish or preserve the lake because she doesn’t know what it means to be a real Nevadan.

Sen. Reid has used his power and influence to block nuclear waste storage in Yucca Mountain. I have always been opposed to it. However, as I get older I am becoming more sympathetic to the idea. Modern science and technology might resolve the dangers of shipping the waste. Besides, if Angle gets elected, she’ll  do more long-term damage to Nevada than any perception of the dump site’s proximity to Las Vegas.

If elected, Angle will attempt to block any future federal tax dollars from being returned to Nevada to create jobs, rebuild infrastructure, hire teachers or protect health care for all Nevadans.

In an interview with TruNews, a Christian news network, Angle said we are entrenched in the idolatry of dependence on government. “We’re supposed to depend on God for our protection and our provision for our daily bread, not our government.” Hmm!  I think Angle’s husband, a retired Bureau of Land Management employee, is collecting his government-funded pension and health insurance that covers him and his wife. It seems her daily bread is buttered with taxpayer money.

Sharron Angle is not a Republican — she’s an obstructionist. The Tea Party, built on the mission statement of the John Birch Society formed in 1958, has managed to funnel the backlash from the Obama election into a party of racial bigotry, hate, anti-government sentiment and dissident political malcontents, restructuring the Grand Old Party into the Grand-New Obstructionist Party.

We should all join true Republican crossover voters such as state Sen. Bill Raggio, local elected Republican officials and the widow of Gov. Kenny Guinn and vote for Sen. Reid on the Democratic ticket.

David Farside is a Sparks resident and political activist. The polemics of his articles can be discussed at His Web site is
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Jim osborn
October 12, 2010
The only hypocrite is you Mr Farside. Government does not create most of the job's and you know it. The private sector creates over 90% of the jobs in this country.This government has done nothing to help the private sector and Mr. Reid has been right at the front of this mess

You need to get your facts before you try to blow smoke at people

Jim Osborn

Reno NV.
October 12, 2010
Sounds like this guy is still drinking the cool ade
October 12, 2010
It's time to dump all the bums in government.This country has no money.I will never vote for harry reid or raggio again
October 12, 2010
Harry Reid is a snake,Lies more then the guy that rights this crap.

Most of what you say about him he had nothing to do with helping get done
October 12, 2010
If people in government don't like her then she must be doing something right.The people of this country are sick of government telling us what is best for us and that we are stupid, We want a government that listens to the people,Not Nancy Pelosi.

We have watched Reid spend more money then we or are kids could ever pay back.We told Reid we dont't want government run health care,He did it anyway and gave other states back door dills to get it free. Why not for Nevada.He says he is the most powerful man in government,Yet he does very little for Nevada.He says he is for gun rights,Yet every vote to take that right away,He votes yes.

If people in government dont want Sharon Angel then thats exactly want we need.Democratics and Republicans have had it with this out of control government. You can take you snake oil articles and stand in the unemployment line with the rest of us thanks to Harry Reid,O I forgot you work for Reid.
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