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Primitive times
by Travus T. Hipp
May 17, 2008 | 645 views | 0 0 comments | 17 17 recommendations | email to a friend | print
The problem with our leadership goes deeper than simple politics. We are, unfortunately, living in a time when the basic beliefs that have brought mankind to the current contretemps, and the conflict between reality and our core concepts is becoming painfully apparent. In this time of crisis, many — indeed most — of us seek some solace from our concept of a causal universe in which things happen for some reason, known only to our creator and his obscure process.

From this derives the faith of our fathers and the current protestations of politicians, all of whom claim some belief in an aware and caring deity. It is notable how many of the righteous among us deny “science” and its many revelations. From the big bang to global warming with stopovers at evolution, archeology and the comparative study of religions, the conservative cause has made skepticism into mockery by refusing to accept any explanation outside their Biblical explanation of creation and subsequent events. They refuse to accept recent discoveries that document the true causes for much of our pre-history, including assorted ice ages, meteor strikes and super volcanic explosions that virtually wiped out life several times over the past million years.

Such events so challenge the world view of the religious as to make them incapable of accepting the new knowledge, and they retreat into denial, denunciation and political causes. Thus the Christian right await the rapture, the Jews await a messiah, the Muslims look forward to the return of their missing Imam from the well he descended into centuries ago and the few remaining Mayans can hardly wait to see it all end in 2012.

Meanwhile, science marches on, learning that dinosaurs weren’t really reptiles but pre-birds, the whole of Yellowstone is one vast volcanic crater setting up to blow again and the Earth is but one minor planet in an insignificant backwater of a galaxy in a universe whose dimensions we cannot even imagine. Faced with these revised realities, “modern” man reacts with fear and loathing for the changes demanded in belief, and seeks to reinforce old myths to perpetuate the status quo by organizing society and making laws as if it all actually meant something The chances of a God who cares enough to pay attention to the silly sins and intentions of one temporarily dominant species on this speck of cosmic flotsam are slim at best, and the arrogance of those who would rule us all in the name of those beliefs surpasses all reason. But then again, reason never had anything to do with it, anyway!

“Travus T. Hipp” is a 40-year veteran radio commentator with six stations in California carrying his daily version of the news and opinions. “The Poor Hippy’s Paul Harvey,” Travus is a member of the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame, but unemployable in the Silver State due to his eclectic political views.

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Primitive times by Travus T. Hipp

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