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Time for a little spring cleaning
by Larry Wilson
Mar 15, 2010 | 524 views | 0 0 comments | 9 9 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Daylight savings time is here and now the annual spring cleaning process is about to swing to full tilt. People will be putting away their winter clothes and getting out their summer clothes. Those of us living in northern Nevada, however, know better than to put our winter clothes too far away just yet, but the sentiment is still compelling to do so.

Veteran Nevadans realize that even though warmer days are here, we don’t live in the home of Punxsutawney Phil and his projections about winter don’t hold sway here in northern Nevada. We can still have some pretty darn cold weather between now and the Fourth of July.

It is truly ironic that spring cleaning is upon us and the season for filing for public office is here at the same time. It looks like a good portion of term-limited legislators are seeking public office in some other realm of government and we can’t get rid of them yet. It’s as if the only way to get rid of the rascals is to call in an exterminator like you would do if you wanted to get rid of any garden variety household pest as the summer beckons.

There is also a good number of “also-rans” running again. Some are running in different races than before, but there are equally as many running in the same race that made them an also-ran before. Is that called “history repeats itself?” Then again, maybe it’s the fate of an also-ran to suffer each election season a fate similar to the ancient mythological character Sisyphus and instead of pushing a huge ball that they are chained to, they are destined to push a candidacy for some office or other – win or lose, but mostly lose – for eternity.

We should be glad there are also-rans. At least they make a political campaign a race of sorts and not a cake walk for the opponent. We should strive to get more citizens interested in running for public office so at least we would have a wider choice of candidates from which to choose to hold office in the next term.

We better get used to spring cleaning as a year-round way of life when it comes to government of all kinds. With the fiscal cutbacks the various governing bodies are going to have to make, it sounds like government as we have known it will be a veritable blood bath come this next legislative session, locally as well as in the state Legislature. The governor’s hand is just quivering with his huge veto stamp and a snidely grin on his face as he braces himself to pound the red stamp on virtually all legislation the next Legislature manages to pass.

I anticipate the next step in all this cutting back of government and foreclosures will be a phalanx of bulldozers in each community to level all the foreclosed homes and business fronts that are vacant and are not able to be leased, sold or rented. I think we’ll be witnessing scenes repeating the dust bowl of the ‘30s in Oklahoma as they level all of the dilapidated, foreclosed, empty structures all over our towns in Nevada – a scene obscured by the dust from the demolition and the lines of laid-off workers, teachers and construction professionals as they plod their way out of town for points unknown in search of the good life as they search the horizon for the answer.

Ahh, springtime! Don’t you just love it?   

Larry Wilson is a 50-year resident of Sparks and a retired elementary school teacher. You can contact him at
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