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The wild horse mess
by Ira Hansen
Feb 20, 2010 | 883 views | 3 3 comments | 12 12 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Hard to believe, but here in the Wild West mustangs once made money. But, the old time mustangers were “cruel.” They used motorized vehicles; they would kill the sick and lame ones; they used the good ones for saddle horses and sold the inferior ones to pet food people. Evil!

In 1971, one more practice of the Old West slipped into history and the alleged cruelty was stopped (momentarily). Thanks to do-gooder Velma Johnson (“Wild Horse Annie”), Congress decided the government would make things better. No more private round-ups. No more motorized vehicles. No more pet food. And only good old horseflesh could be used to round them up. Then they would be “adopted.”

So, the BLM was given the task, using only “humane” methods. And they tried. By 1976, surprise surprise, Congress changed the rules. What was inhumane when done by the private sector was suddenly judged humane when done by the government. Motorized chases with helicopters, trucks and airplanes was allowed — even though this was the biggest gripe of the do-gooders — due to the simple fact government “cowboys” couldn’t catch enough using just horses in the chase.

At first the government gave the horses away. Yet, the “surplus” of unwanted horses grew and still grows. Thousands now stand around in government corrals all day, their wild mustang romantic appeal gone. The vast majority are inbred, defective mongrels, victims of old women’s fantasies. And these unwanted thousands eat tons of government hay each day and stare listlessly at the occasional gawkers who wander out to see the “wild” horses.

Old timers were bad guys because they would occasionally kill some in the round-up process. The BLM of course doesn’t “kill” them; they “put them down.” Old timers, motivated by the apparent sin of trying to make a buck and hopefully getting some good saddle horses in the bargain, would turn blooded stallions out to upbreed the mares and introduce new genes. After all bigger, stronger horses had a better market.

Rather than leave the same stallion in a band to breed his own daughters and granddaughters (as is the norm now), the old timers kept the genetic pool healthy. If they couldn’t round up the stallion, they would simply shoot him. Cruel? Perhaps.

But it was effective, and it worked. The government, by contrast, currently releases back onto the range those horses they deem unadoptable.

Brilliant. Turn loose the worst possible animals to do the breeding.

“Wild” horses are feral horses, domesticated animals. They have no place in the natural order here. They have no predators except man. Yes, mountain lions kill a few, but their rapid rate of increase — usually 20 percent or more a year – show lions have little if any check on their otherwise unending expansion.

The old timer, motivated by that sin of capitalistic enterprises, profit, had to do it all and at least break even, or else go out of business. Compare that to our current socialistic method. Currently the government spends about $1,200 a horse to round them up, and then adopts them out for $125. Net loss to the taxpayer: at least a grand per horse. But it doesn’t stop there. Even though the government already released the very worst, there remains thousands, if not tens of thousands, of unadoptable ones, stuck in those gargantuan corrals. They of course must be fed and sheltered and cared for by government employees. High-dollar hay and all the rest add millions to the cost. And while the blue-haired ladies and their effeminate friends shoot down every reasonable solution, the horses keep stacking up.

Exactly why we can eat cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, fish, shrimp and turkeys but feel we have the right to tell the people of France and the rest of the protein-starved world they can’t eat our sacred excess horses is a bit of a mystery. Animal rights types are truly odd. The Hollywood big-money donors who give millions to “save” everything and cry about mustangs are the same crowd that defends a man — Roman Polanski — who drugged and sodomized a 13-year-old girl. Yet they get all self-righteous about humans eating horses.

And these same geniuses want the government to run the whole health care industry …

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don lee
June 09, 2010
PS, the corporate powers in Germany produced the likes of Bismark, Kaiser and Hitler. It is called middle class socialism. They are not free market or in my minds eye, even Capitalism. The Govt uses brute force to get you to buy health insurance from a Corporate power, and the do gooder fascists say "it's our moral duty, and we have to do this to protect the people." It's much like outlawing smoking in private business, or outlaw drinking.
don lee
June 09, 2010
The Govt, mainly dems, are demanding that you buy health insurance from Corporations at penalty of law. I don't beleive the Govt wants to run the show, as much as they want to destroy the free market via Corporate powers and increase cronyism for campaign purposes. The outcome will be more monopolies and smaller isurance companies going out of business. You are correct about the "Mustang" problem. The Free Market Cowboys did a much better job then the Bureacrats. The focus now should be on how the Cowboys actually made the herds stronger by eliminating pet horses and mustangs that are unbreedable. How do we get the public to look on a horse like we look on a pig or cow is the mystery.
Michael Andersen
February 23, 2010
Finally someone who knows something about horses, and ask a lot of the same question I have been asking? WHy not bring back the mustangers and help the horse, and our budget.
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