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Where is Robin Hood when you need him?
by Jeff Blanck
Feb 08, 2010 | 693 views | 1 1 comments | 10 10 recommendations | email to a friend | print
During the Bush-Cheney years, we saw the rich get richer and all the rest of us get poorer.  We as a country let it happen and we bought into what was happening, thinking that we could get rich too. 

Technically that was correct, just like someone always wins the lottery. But betting your future on winning the lottery is lousy retirement planning.

Bush kept giving tax breaks to the filthy rich while he kept spending more and more of our money.  Every tax break for the wealthy was a tax increase on the working class.  He was very clever in keeping his faather's mantra “no more taxes,” thereby uniting the working class with the very rich.  But only the filthy rich benefited and laughed at all the rest of us working folk.

Taxes aren’t the problem and they never were.  During the Carter years the wealthy were taxed at 70 percent.  Now they are taxed below 30 percent. All that lost revenue is being made up by the working class.  It is time to end the welfare for the wealthiest few in our society.

We need a modern day Robin Hood.  We need a leader to come forth and take from the rich and give to the poor.  It isn’t our governor, he has no desire to take from the rich.  He just wants all of us to have less.  But if you have millions in the bank and several homes you won’t even feel a cut in state services and you probably don’t get a state paycheck either.

The wealthy elite need to give back to the community from which they made their millions.  They won’t do it willingly, we have to take it.  We need to increase the taxes on luxury items such as cars that cost more than $50,000, single-family homes worth more than $2 million and second homes that aren’t full-time residences.

This increase should also apply to planes and yachts and other expensive nonessential items.  Nevada should also have an estate tax so someone can’t just inherit millions of dollars tax free.

Notice I said “millions of dollars.”  This is not a death tax on the poor but on the wealthiest among us who just pass on wealth from one generation to the next.  They need to give more back to the society from which they made their millions.

We should also increase the corporate tax.  Corporations aren’t even people and shouldn’t be treated as such.  The Supreme Court has given them rights without any basis in our constitution.  The least we can do is make them pay back to the community what they have taken from it.

Robin Hood looks pretty good these days.  If one arises he or she will be met with open arms.  So where is there a leader among us who will rise up to this challenge?  Who will dare to defy the new American nobility?  The people need you now.

Jeff Blanck is an attorney in private practice in Reno. He can be reached at

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February 11, 2010
words of a attorney. What a dum ass
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