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Allegiance goes awry in desperate circumstances
by Larry Wilson
Mar 17, 2008 | 415 views | 0 0 comments | 20 20 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Several decades ago a citizen of a foreign country rose from absolute obscurity to prominence in his country’s governing body. Prior to his rise, this man had served honorably, although not in any stellar way, in his country’s military during a tremendous war, which his country lost. He rose to the rank of private.

After the war, in which his country had lost many soldiers and cities had been devastated, the country was in a great depressed state. Many people were out of work, businesses – if open for business – were struggling and the entire psyche of the country was demoralized as a result. The despair of the country’s citizenry deepened with every moment. The citizenry sought change of any kind that would give them some sort of hope for the future.

This man arrived on the scene. He was a great orator who was able to captivate the spirit of his people. Although a rebel and having spent time in prison, it was of no matter to his people as he was so able to inspire their sense of country in their hearts. He was able to bring back the sense of patriotism to his country that was so lacking. He had written a book while in prison that outlined his plan to revitalize his country. Although this volume was not well read throughout the country, its outline for rise of his country was followed by this man religiously.

After winning a place in his country’s governing body, he was able, with the help of his followers, to maneuver the rules and policies of his country to meet his own ends. His countrymen didn’t seem to mind all of the changes he brought about as he had been, after all, able to inspire his people’s pride and sense of worth with all his rhetoric of change for the betterment of his country.

He enlarged the size of his country’s military, which was a violation of the agreements reached at the end of the war that had started the decline of his country. Ultimately, he did flex his military might by invading neighboring countries, successfully defeating them and thus further raising the sense of nationalism he had thrust upon his people. His inner circle of cronies grew in power and tightened their grip on control of his country.

Ultimately, this man caused his country to be embroiled in another world war causing even more degradation of his country than the previous world war his country had been instrumental in causing.

This seemingly inspiring man to his country’s people was Adolf Hitler. The book was Mien Kampf. He brought about change not only to his country, but to countless others as well. This Pied Piper of change wrought the entire devastation of his people and their country, due partially from the fact that all his people heard was CHANGE.

Larry Wilson is a 50-year resident of Sparks and a retired elementary school teacher. You can contact him at
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