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WCSO writes more than 200 citations, warnings during campaign
by Tribune Staff
Jul 29, 2013 | 1360 views | 2 2 comments | 14 14 recommendations | email to a friend | print
The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office joined the Nevada Highway Patrol, Reno Police Department and Sparks Police Department in a two-week “Joining Forces” DUI Enforcement campaign earlier this month.

From June 28 through July 12 the Sheriff’s Office and other participating agencies conducted around-the-clock saturation patrols and a DUI checkpoint on the 4th of July aimed at helping to save more lives by enforcing DUI laws.

Bob Harmon, Public Information Officer for the WCSO, said Sheriff’s Office patrol staff assigned to the DUI campaign initiated approximately 170 traffic stops with 234 citations and warnings being issued. Harmon said although a driver may be stopped for one violation, several other violations may be observed during the subsequent investigation, making it possible that a driver may be issued citations for numerous violations.

Of those stopped by the Sheriff’s Office, four drivers were arrested for DUI, one was arrested on felony drug charges and five were arrested on fugitive charges. Other citations issued by the Sheriff’s Office included:

-90 speeding citations

 -3 cell phone citations

 -6 citations for driver’s license related violations

-11 motor vehicle registration citations

-25 vehicle equipment citations

-1 seat belt citation

 -1 child seat citation

 -35 citations for failure to show proof of insurance

 -1 citation for failing to yield the right of way

 -7 citations for running a red light 

An additional 44 citations and written warnings were issued.

Joining Forces events such as this also help to increase awareness about DUI laws, enforce the community’s “no tolerance” stance towards impaired driving, and remind people that it is never safe to drive impaired.

The additional units and overtime needed for this campaign was paid through a grant received from the Nevada Department of Public Safety, Office of Traffic Safety Joining Forces program. 

Joining Forces is a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement program that promotes statewide enforcement in the areas of: DUI, seat belt, distracted driving, speed and pedestrian safety. The goal of these enforcement campaigns is to increase public awareness about the dangers of making poor choices while driving. 

“Each citation is a success. Not because we want to give out tickets, but because citations send the message that something that someone is doing is jeopardizing the safety of themselves and everyone else on the road,” Harmon said in a previous interview. “One of the main goals of these Joining Forces campaigns is to cut down on the number of violations that occur, and hopefully the number of accidents.

“We use these Joining Forces campaigns to constantly get those messages out to folks. Sometimes we need that rude awakening when we’re teetering on the edge of: ‘oh, well, I think I can get away with it.’ It’s just not worth the risk.”
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July 30, 2013
One thing that is not being addressed are the left lane campers. If you are not passing a vehicle then you are supposed to move over to the right lane. But for some reason our law enforcement chooses not to address that issue. It is one of the more difficult laws to enforce because they cannot get to the person that is breaking that particular law. What it does is makes it so that you have little packs of vehicles and causes road rage. Speed has not been the issue in any of the crashes that have caused the fatalities. It has been DUI and medical issues.
August 03, 2013
Well since you're on your soap box why not mention the morons who merge onto the freeway doing 35mph. Or how about the folks driving in the right lane whose god given right it is to drive 50mph no matter what the rest of the traffic is doing. If we all drove in the right lane except to pass then the traffic conditions would become worse than they are now. Obviously you're oblivious to beong the first person in line coming up on an onramp where some jerk is going to merge going 35 and when you signal to pass the 40 cars behind you starting at the rear are swinging out to pass you starting with the person at the back of the line. When it finally gets to you at the front of the line you're nearly stopped on the freeway. It's real easy to get on the computer and run your mouth about the law. It's a lot harder if you have to excercise some sort of common sense about what you're saying. You say people not all driving in the right lane causes road rage? I say if we all drove in the right lane there would be more.
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