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Gang races at Fernley, Tragedy at RTF Speedway
by Dan McGee - Special to the Tribune
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Tribune photo by Dan McGee - On his way to clinching the 30+ Beginner overall victory, Jason Ines gets some big air at the Fernley Lion's Motocross Track on Sunday. He was competing in the traditional round of the Over The Hill Gang national races.
Tribune photo by Dan McGee - On his way to clinching the 30+ Beginner overall victory, Jason Ines gets some big air at the Fernley Lion's Motocross Track on Sunday. He was competing in the traditional round of the Over The Hill Gang national races.
Tribune photo by Dan McGee - Brent Allen, who lives in Mammoth Lakes but is a Reno chapter OTHG member rips around a turn on his way to winning the overall victory in the 52+ class at yesterday's motocross.
Tribune photo by Dan McGee - Brent Allen, who lives in Mammoth Lakes but is a Reno chapter OTHG member rips around a turn on his way to winning the overall victory in the 52+ class at yesterday's motocross.
FERNLEY - For many years, a Memorial Day Weekend has been marked by the Reno chapter of the Over The Hill Gang staging one of the club's national races at the Sandbox. It's a tradition where the home club defends its turf against the invaders from California clubs.

There are two days of motos and a rider's final position is determined by combining all their finishes.

Clinching the first overall victory for the host club was Jason Ines, who said after winning his final moto, "The race was quite experiencing, I stayed confident, just made it work and finished it on two wheels. The track builders over the weekend did a great job, kept it watered and kept it groomed."

Next to score a win for the locals was Brent Allen, who scored three wins and a third to clinch the overall. However, it wasn't easy as Michael Long from the South club chased him all the way through their final moto.

"I'm from Mammoth Lakes but this is our home track," he said "I'm in the 'almost old slow guys,' class. It was pretty close and I was working my tail off but it was good fun as Michael and I have had some great racing this weekend."

As usual, there were two groups of women racers. But for the first time in several years, none of them were from the Reno chapter. Brenda Petuya won the B group while the A winner was Linda Thomas, who has just retired as an Air Force Nurse.

"I'm stationed at Edwards Air Force Base right now but our home is in Marysville, Calif. These girls rode me hard and they didn't give me a break."

In the 38 Intermediate group, the overall winner was Kirk Sego from the host chapter but in the final moto he ended up fourth. Still, his three victories clinched the overall standings. Taking that final moto win was Gregg Schellack from the Valley chapter.

"I broke my regular bike and this is a friend's bike, never ridden it before and never ridden a 450 in six years. The bike is Rob Kuziminski's the 38 Novice championship so he's pretty pumped," Schellack said.

All during Sunday there was hard racing around the track for every class. Most have headed home until the next round as they battle for this year's championship.

In the end, the Sierra Chapter, which usually races at Fernley, scored the most victories with nine while the Reno and Bay chapters were tied with five overall wins.

•Saturday evening at the RTF Speedway had the potential for a good night of racing. In fact, there were so many IMCA Modifieds a B main was used to set the field for their feature race.

Young Travis Barr kept up his winning ways by scoring another victory in the Pure Stock feature. Carl "Fireball" Barlow won the Hobby Stock main but it wasn't easy, as first he had to hold off a determined Royce Goetz, then a challenge by Randy Boyd.

Malen Gonzalez, driving B.J. Pearson's Nuclear Banana Pro Stock, won that feature while David Paine topped the Mod Mini field.

The next to last feature was for the Dwarf Cars. Five cautions slowed the pace with the final one coming with one lap to go. When the green waved, Joe Frock was on point with Derreck Rosse and Reese Wilson giving chase.

The little cars are almost as fast as the Modifieds, and at the checkered Frock took the win with Rosse a close second. Behind them, everything went wrong.

Contact sent Wilson's car into the wall where if bounced back right in front of several cars. The next five cars had nowhere to go let alone time to react.

In the ensuing pileup, Wilson was shaken up while David Richardson from Truckee suffered fatal injuries.

A few yards away, Leroy Kay seemed all right at first but wasn't. A heroic effort by the track crew, as well as Lyon County EMTs and the fire department, were in vain as he too perished.

Kay has a long racing background and was one of the first two winners of the initial Virginia City Grand Prix in 1971. It was a tragic end to what had been a good night of racing.

Due to tragedy, the IMCA feature was canceled.

On Sunday, Vukie Wilson, Reese's father, as well as one of the managers at the facility, and one of those that brought the Dwarf Car division here, commented on the tragedy.

"The dwarf guys are very tight, they're there for each other and it's always been this way. We lost David and Leroy and that's something we'll be grieving for a long time. They were two good friends and my boys knew and loved them both.

"They always had a smile on their faces and wanted to go racing. When I started in Dwarf Cars, David pitted for me. Then he said, 'I want to go racing,' and bought my car."

REPORTER'S NOTE — A lot of tears were shed Saturday night but this group, as well as others, will rally around to help the families of those two racing brothers they lost. We here at the Daily Sparks Tribune wish to offer our prayers and condolences to the men's families, both their personal and their extended racing family.


•This week, the TRF Speedway hosts another of its points races beginning at 6 p.m. on Saturday. During the evening, there will also be a memorial honoring both drivers that were lost last weekend.

At Quincy, Calif., the American Valley Speedway will be in action, starting at 6 p.m. as the DART Dwarf Cars visit the track. There will also be a memorial honoring their lost racing brothers.

Highlighting the night, is an IMCA Modified feature that has an added purse of $1,100 to the winner and pays down to 18th place. Several local business owners helped enlarge the purse.

•The King of the West sprint cars canceled their appearance at Octane Fest in Fallon for June 7 and 8. While various reasons have been cited, the show will still go on although the schedule has changed.

The Amsoil Outlaw Karts will race at Rattlesnake Raceway on Friday starting at 5 p.m. Then on Saturday, beginning at noon, all the car classes join the Outlaw Karts for a non-points event.

The Monster Truck and Freestyle Motocross event has been switched to Saturday night at the Fairgrounds with a start time of about 5 p.m. and the Outlaw Karts will also put on demonstration runs during the show.

South of Fallon, the Lucas Oil Series NHRA Drag Races will be at Top Gun Raceway, beginning with test and tune sessions on Thursday. Qualifying runs are on Saturday with the final eliminations Sunday.

In the field will be two jet trucks racing each other.

•The Busch brothers spent the weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway where Kyle dominated Saturday's Nationwide race.

In Sunday's Coke 600 for the Sprint Cup cars, Kurt ran as high as second and finished third while Kyle had a TV cable fall on his car then suffered a blown motor that dropped him to 39th at the finish.


• Over the Hill Gang Nationals - Round 11

Fernley Lion's Motocross Track - May 25/26


Nov - 1. Jason Augustson, 2. Chris Cross*, 3. Britt Brittain, 4. Ramien Ebadypour, 5. Jody Roak

Beg - 1. Jason Ines*, 2. Greg Tribulato

Intr - 1. NickVan Atta

Exp - 1. Jason Shakespeare*, 2. Tyson Derken

Master - 1. Ron De Jesus


Nov - 1. Rob Kuzminski, 2. Jeff Whitaker, 3. Robert Stemen, 4. Mikel Cimmino, 5. Travis Hilbish*

Beg - 1. Edward McIlree, 2. Curtis Weathersbee, 3. Randy Buckman

Intr - 1. KirkSego*, 2. Gregg Schellack, 3. Al Turnage*, 4. Jeromie Sorhouet*, 5 Chris Weathersbee

Exp - 1. Rich Graham, 2. Marcus Gentry*, 3. Paul Beyer, 4. Chris Ponsock*, 5. Tony Fagundes*

Master - 1. Steve Nelson, 2. Troy Cardiel, 3. Pete Cannizzaro*


Nov - 1. David Pile, 2. Chris Gaarenstroom*, 3. Rob Huehleisen, 4. Tony Schwartz, 5. Doug Elford

Beg - 1. Jason Deryclx, 2. Fred Biagini, 3. Kenny Chacon, 4. Creg Provencio

Intr - 1. Brent Workman, 2. Chris Dyer*, 3. Anthony Guebarra, 4. Eugene Spoor, 5. Greg Anderson

Exp - 1. Shawn Black, 2. Kon Baur, 3. Chip Vanderford, 4. Robert Austin, 5. Darin Powell

Master - 1. Tim Tynan, 2. Robert Roehill, 3. Brett Miller, 4. Matt Dawson, 5. Gary Plaatje


Beg - 1. Vince Fausolne, 2. Ws Jackson

Nov - 1. Brent Allen*, 2. Michael Long, 3. Greg Chapel*, 4. Mark Cross, 5. Dennis Wheller

Beg - 1. Vince Fausolne, 2. Wes Jackson

Intr - 1. Kevin Kearney, 2. Peter Mayforth, 3. Dana Reed, 4. Dave Kindelt, 5. Vince Macias

Exp - 1. Glenn Jennings, 2. Rick Wade, 3. Arnie Davis, 4. Allen Whipple, 5. Tom Dalziel

Master - 1. Doug Goodman, 2. Rand Law


Nov - 1. James Patterson*, 2. Les Oldenbrook

Intr - 1. Joe Roark, 2. Kerry Barnes, 3. Duane Quick*, 4. Tommy Pearl, 5. Bill Schiltz

Exp - 1. Jeff Blix, 2. Mike Tucker, 3. Mark Lane, 4. Lee Evans


A - 1. Linda Thomas, 2. Dee Jay, 3. Brenna Singh

B - 1. Brenda Petuye, 2. Coleen Dwyer, 3. Charlene Spoor

* - Reno Chapter Members


65cc - 1. Ripley Shakespeare, 2. Garrett Doolittle, 3. Hayden Fagundes, 4. Caleb Polacek

85cc - 1. Ryan Matthews, 2. Sy Cardiel, 3. Nicholas Trainor, 4. Adam Pvlu, 5. Tyler Spoor

Beg. - 1. Max Kearney, 2. Matt Sereda, 3. Zachary Guebara, 4. Timothy Trainor, 5. Jess Mulock

Nov. - 1. Robert Cord, 2. Brendon Borrego, 3. Jeff Brewer, 4. Tory Steen, 5. Kyle Habberstad

Intr. - 1. Corey Matthews, 2. Tyler Pizorno, 3. Chris Cumbo

Exp. - 1. Shaen Austin, 2. Ci Crandall, 3. Kyle "Bubba" Mason, 4. Steve Nelson, 5. Al McElroy

• RTF Speedway - May 25

IMCA Modifieds:

Heat Winners - #1 121, #2 Shawn Natenstedt, #2 Missy Natenstedt

B Main - 1. unlisted, #2 Josh Ogg, #3 Wade DeBurg, #4 unlisted, #5 unlisted

Main - Canceled

Pro Stocks:

Heat Winner - Malen Gonzalez

Main - 1. Malen Gozalez, #2 Jimmy Klopp, #3 Russ Cazier, #4 Al Goss, #5 Chris Coclich

Hobby Stocks:

Heat Winners - #1 Randy Boyd, #2 Derek Ramthun

Main - 1. Carl Barlow, #2 Randy Boyd, #3 Derek Ramthun, #4 Rick Miller, #5 Chris Baker

Dwarf Cars:

Heat Winners - #1 Joe Frock, #2 84

Main - 1. Joe Frock, 2. Derrek Rosse (Rest unavailable)

Mod Minis:

Heat Winners - #1 Justin Busch, #2 Will Ritchey

Main - #1 David Paine, #2 Will Ritchey, #3 Justin Bsch, #4 Justin McIlvain, #5 Dennis Crook

Pure Stocks:

Heat Winners - #1 James Edwards, #2 Travis Barr

Main -1. Travis Barr, #2 Danielle Paine, #3 unlisted, #4 Mark Serchio Jr. , #5 Justin Schilling

Outlaw Karts

Beginners - 1. Even Rauscher, 2. Grason Ternora

Box Stock - 1. Cade Maestas, 2. Will Evenson, 3. Mckenna Kurshal, 4. Cole Jones, 5. Shansen Ternora

250cc - Jacob Diaz, 2. Matti Robinson, 3. Katelynn Roberston

500cc - 1. Brian Ternora, 2. Jose Hartman, 3. Shauna Robertson

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