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Sylvia Browne brings her psychic powers, love of helping people to Reno
by Krystal Bick
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Courtesy Photo- Renown psychic Sylvia Browne comes to Reno Saturday at the Grand Sierra Resort.
Courtesy Photo- Renown psychic Sylvia Browne comes to Reno Saturday at the Grand Sierra Resort.
When Sylvia Browne was just three years old, she knew something was going to happen to her grandfather.

“I knew my grandfather was going to die,” the renown psychic and medium told the Sparks Tribune, adding that he died shortly after her prediction. “When I was five, I also said both of my grandmothers were going to die, and two weeks later, they did.”

Naturally Browne, perhaps best know for her New York Times best-selling books and appearances on The Montel Williams Show and Larry Kind Live, didn’t always like her gift. In fact, she said was somewhat ashamed of it.

“I really didn’t like it,” Browne said. “I come from 300 years of psychics (in the family) and I was the only one of all 300 that got tested by psychologists. All the tests came back normal, but it was still hard.”

Years and many readings later, Browne embraced her gift, eventually gaining prominence for not only her personal psychic work, but also working on missing-person cases for the FBI, founding her own church, Society of Novus Spiritus, and her traveling lecture series.

And now, as part of her farewell tour, Browne will be coming to the Grand Sierra Resort on Saturday for an evening of sharing her spirituality and her faith in God.

“I don’t know anything else,” Browne said about her abilities. “It’s just a part of me. I’m like everyone else. I come home and I take care of my six dogs.”

Browne has been doing readings since 1974 when she founded what is now called the Sylvia Browne Corporation, attracting thousands of fans along the way. Known for her uncanny ability to relate to people almost instantly, Browne recalls several times that past clients have said she kept them from committing suicide.

“I’ve had people tell me that I kept them going, that I saved their lives,” Browne said, who gives psychic advice on everything from health to love and can help channel dead loved ones. “If someone stops me and asks me a question, I’ll answer, but don’t ask me if you don’t want to know the truth. I am bound.”

In one such encounter, a woman who had received a reading from Browne 27 years earlier came back to report that everything Browne had told her was correct.

“Sure, you miss, but nobody is perfect,” Browne said. “Only God is perfect.”

Perhaps her most common work deals with the passing of loved ones, as Browne numerous times on The Montel Williams Show would help answer questions for people who recently had a close relative die.

“When people pass over, people always want to know if their mother made it over to the other side,” Browne said.

Today though, with the souring of the economy, Browne said she is seeing an increasing amount of uncertainty amongst her clients, namely with people asking “Am I on track?”

“People also have to live in this world,” Browne said. “They want to know where the economy is going, where their health is going.”

With such practicality, Browne said her ability to relate to people is because of her commitment to help others.

“The gratification from people (is rewarding) because I really love them,” Browne said. “If I ever get to the point where I wasn’t sympathetic, I would stop. I’m a down-to-earth person, I talk their language, I’m straightforward and I live a life like they do.”

Because after all, as Browne added, “We all put our pants on the same way.”

The lecture begins at 8 p.m. Tickets are $33, $55 and $110 and can be purchased at the Grand Sierra Resort box office or online at

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