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Faith distorted by religion
by David Farside
Feb 18, 2013 | 2209 views | 0 0 comments | 6 6 recommendations | email to a friend | print
According to Albert Einstein, time is distorted by travel and space is distorted by gravity. During a recent visit to my doctors office it was apparent, personal faith is sometimes distorted by organized religion.

As usual the waiting room was packed. Crying infants were gently rocked in the arms of their parents. The elderly were slouched in their uncomfortable chairs while everyone else made due with a book or magazine. I picked up an old Sunday section of the RGJ newspaper buried under an even older Time magazine and started reading a religious forum comprised of a few local clergy members representing different points of view. The question of the day was how do you explain the existence of God to your children? My question is how can anyone explain the existence of a vindictive, cruel God?

Christian members were confused with the question. They all referred to Christ as God; forgetting he was the proclaimed Son of God. The Rabbi said children should be taught the traditional views of Judaism. Both the Muslim and the Buddhist emphasized teaching spirituality and developing paths towards oneness with the great Creator. There were no views from an agnostic on the page.

If I knew then what I know now, I would have given my children a more pragmatic point of view about the existence of God, the universe, creation, faith and organized religion. Instead, I, too, held with traditional biblical Epistles and unintentionally planted seeds of deception in the minds of my children relating to the origin of life and the existence of mankind.

More than half of the world’s population is taught man was created by an infallible, perfect and protective God the father. That’s pretty hard to believe. What father would create his image and subject it to disease, starvation and death?

What God in his right mind would starve and kill his own children?

The World Health Organization stated that malnutrition is the main contributor of child inanition or death. An average of 2.6 million children die of hunger and starvation every year. It’s estimated that 925 million people or approximately 13% of the worlds population are currently undernourished and many will die.

What God would spread disease infecting his children with sickness, pain suffering and ultimately, death?

In 2011, it was estimated there would be over 131 million births world-wide; fifty-five million people would  die. Every day 360,000 people are born, more than twice the 151,000 of God’s children who die the same day.

How can I explain the existence of God to my children when the God of Christ's’ suffering, war, the Ten Commandments and sick children dieing of starvation proves he isn’t infallible, perfect or a caring father. Even his believers pray to him for protection-protection from the inevitable he created.

I would tell my children we all have faith. we are born with it and will die with it. Faith is our own personal hope that  there’s a better environment beyond our lives. A place without God’s inflicted  disease, pain, starvation, murder, war, anger, hate and yes, even politics. But our faith has been distorted by organized religions and their self-proclaimed dogma of belief, veneration and obedience.

David Farside is a Sparks resident and political activist.
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