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‘An actual bookworm’
by Garrett Valenzuela
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Amanda Scott
Amanda Scott
SPARKS — Amanda Scott’s love for reading began very early in life during casual evenings when her mother would read numerous books to her and her older sister. Soon after the readings began, Scott would simply repeat the words in emulation of her mother, which eventually developed into an undying love for reading.

That love of reading turned into constant rides to the library and eventually became a ‘why don’t you work at the library’ expression from Scott’s mother. That’s exactly what she did.

Seventeen-year-old Scott is volunteer librarian/library assistant at the Spanish Springs Library in Sparks and said the job comes with many more perks than easy access to her addiction.

“I am an actual bookworm and I always went to the library,” Scott said of her younger years. “I love being there (at the library) and I love the people there. I have a lot of people who I have seen grow up a little bit and I have known them for a while.

“They see me do what I do and they always ask me what I am doing and pester me because I am one of the youngest volunteers there. They sort of look up to me the way I looked up to people like that when I was their age. It is kind of flattering.”

Scott said her time volunteering at the Spanish Springs Library was meant to “occupy her mind” for a summer, but that summer quickly turned into three years. Scott received the President’s Volunteer Service Award in November of 2011 for her continued volunteerism at the library and she said she loves being able to “come with two or three books” on the days she works the library.

“We are reading Jane Austen in my English class right now and I have read several of her novels, but I also like the typical teenager books like Twilight,” Scott said. “I read a variety of books. I just can’t read non-fiction. It bores me and makes it really hard.”

In her time away from the library, or not reading for pleasure, Scott manages three Advanced Placement classes and one Honors course at Reed High School. She is also on the Reed Mentoring Program Council and has been a mentor to younger students since her sophomore year.

“When I was a freshman, I had a mentor and she was really cool and she had all the teachers I had, so I knew what to expect,” Scott said. “I started doing it the following year and I love the feeling that someone looks up to me and I am there to help somebody else because I have been through what they are going through. It was a lot easier for me and I wanted to help others.”

Scott said she has been motivated by her sophomore history teacher to become a high school history teacher and major in Education in college. She said that teacher’s exploration of the world’s history really opened her up to the idea of becoming a history teacher instead of her previous choice as an English teacher.

“I have always been fascinated with the world’s history, early civilizations and Greeks and Egyptians. My teacher kind of delved further into it. I knew I wanted to be a history teacher because I love the subject,” she said.

Scott has been accepted to Washington State University and will enter its education program in the fall. She said she always planned to attend college in Washington or Oregon, for love of the rain, but said it was Washington State’s persistence that ultimately decided her fate.

“I went to a college fair at UNR and I met them there and they also visited Reed,” Scott said, “They actually ended up contacting me and asking me to come visit the campus during junior year. They had a program called ‘Do You Want to Be a Teacher?’ and so I went up there and I fell in love with the campus. It is like a town built around a university and such a small town with a great feel to it. It is like my dream school.”

Having been born in California, Scott said she is unsure where she will complete her Master’s Degree, and eventually begin teaching, after earning her Bachelor’s Degree at Washington State. She said she does want to stay “close to home” with her family in Nevada.

Scott said she hopes to become an interactive-style teacher, engaging her students through hands-on projects and critical thinking exercises, rather than simply assigned questions from the book.

“The way (her history teacher) taught was really cool with the interaction and projects and fun activities to do with the material, and I want to be like that,” she said. “I don’t want to just give out worksheets and book work. He made it interactive so that you love the subject too. That is what I want to go for. I want to be the fun teacher, but the kind that is serious about what I am teaching.”
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