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Is a Mitt Romney landslide in the cards?
by Harry Spencer
Nov 05, 2012 | 3659 views | 1 1 comments | 4 4 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Today is the day we finally get to determine which is the best candidate for President for the next four years.

If you believe the last Gallup Poll which had Romney ahead outside the margin of error, the nod would go to Governor Romney. If the economy is still the main issue concerning voters, the nod would go to Romney.

Superstorm Sandy literally obscured the Presidential race as the top news story in most of the media recently. With the Northeast section of the country still suffering the after effects of the storm, it’s unclear how it will impact the voter turnout for today’s election.

As to the race, we could liken it to a large bus with Obama as the driver heading downward on a perilous slope. His new slogan of “Forward” indicates further descent over the past nearly four years of his administration. Even the latest job report, which aired last Friday indicates the bus is not slowing down.

It is Romney’s contention that with him in the driver’s seat he can apply the brakes, turn the vehicle around and begin a steady climb upward. He cites his vast experience as a careful and successful driver as his rationale.

One of the big stories that has been carefully manipulated by the Obama administration is that of Benghazi, Libya. When first questioned on television about the incident, Obama’s response was, “Along the way we may hit a few bumps in the road.” One political observer noted that he may have been referring to the four Americans that perished in the Libyan debacle.

We still do not know who came up with the “video” story that was used to bring the blame back to this country. Even when the President took the world stage at the U.N. several days after the event, he referred to the “video” narrative no less than six times. Immediately afterward, he journeyed to the set of “The View” to comment on what flavor ice cream he bought for Michelle on one of their first dates. His appearance on the touchy-feely show was backed up by several smarmy interviews on late-night talk shows. A riveting question from David Letterman was perhaps the most revealing of how the liberal media views him. It was, “How much do you weigh now?” This appearance generated the following from another political observer who said, “We have a PCP in the White House.” When asked to explain he said, “That stands for the Pop Culture President we now enjoy.”

One of the big Obama criticisms of Romney was that he (Romney) ran as a conservative in the Republican primary but has changed his approach to a moderate in the general election. This might be a case of the pot calling the kettle black since in 2008 Obama was the ultimate Centrist who was going to bring the two parties together and work for the common good. Unfortunately he took a hard turn to the left once he was elected.

If you truly believe you can, or cannot, endure four more years like the last four then you should vote accordingly.

Harry Spencer is a long-time northern Nevada resident.
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November 07, 2012

I hope you enjoyed watching the Fox News "personalities" heads explode on Tuesday night while they watched your predicted Rommney Landslide Victory.

I couldn't help but wonder how many people could have been helped by all the millions of dollars that Crossroads, Crossroads GPS, the Koch Brothers, an all the other super pacs, with their anoymous donors spent.

What a waste.
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