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Grits on wheels
by Garrett Valenzuela
Sep 29, 2012 | 6241 views | 2 2 comments | 7 7 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Brad and Karen Stocking stand beside their Mount Mogrits Gourmet Food Truck in Reno on Friday as they prep to attend the Party in the Park at Idlewild Park for the weekly food truck rally.
Brad and Karen Stocking stand beside their Mount Mogrits Gourmet Food Truck in Reno on Friday as they prep to attend the Party in the Park at Idlewild Park for the weekly food truck rally.
SUN VALLEY -- Brad and Karen Stocking joined the food truck revolution on Labor Day after deciding Brad’s homemade sauce recipes were too good to not be shared with the community. Their baby blue Mount Mogrit Gourmet Food Truck has since been seen parked in downtown Reno for the weekly Gourmet Food Truck Rally.

The key to the Sun Valley couple’s success has been their ability to offer a unique meal to their customers, Brad said. Being surrounded by several trucks at major events, he uses the catchy name

“Our food trucks have been diverse enough that we don’t have the same items hardly at all,” Brad said. “Some of them we do, but for the most part, everyone kind of has their own items. They can be competitive with each other, but they will give you the shirt off their back and it is a warm, happy community.”

Brad said learning the ropes of operating out of the truck was a struggle in the beginning, even though he began with smaller events in preparation for joining the Food Truck Rally.

“I wanted to make sure I got my feet a little wet before I started doing the bigger events,” he said. “The first time out was a little bit crazy. It was sort of a madhouse and we figured out a lot about what we needed to do inside the truck to make sure things run smoothly.”

Mount Mogrit’s, a family-owned and operated business, offers Brad’s grit recipes in four options and a variety of sauces to accompany the grits and his several other items. Having his wife, daughter and son in the truck with him during operation is a rewarding, and sometimes stressful, experience.

“There is always some bickering, you know, with the brother and sister and everything, but by the end of the event I enjoy coming in for a big family hug and all that conflict is squeezed out,” he said.

“Everybody gets along so well, but when it gets busy we forget that we’re all in this together,” Karen said. “We are going to keep doing our cheer when somebody orders a Mogrit where we all bring our hands in and yell Mogrit! It gets everyone excited and it brings a different element to our truck that people seem to like.”

As continually more food trucks arrive in the Reno-Sparks area, Brad said Mount Mogrits will be continuing to offer its service throughout the winter at various locations around the community and at food truck rallies. You can check out the daily location and interact with them on Facebook at

The final Reno Street Food Party in the Park at Idlewild Park will be held Friday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. The gourmet food truck lineup attending will include: Kenji's Truck (fusion Asian, Hawaiian and Korean tacos), Mt MoGrits (gourmet grits and burgers), Dish Truck (Pork Bahn Mi meatball sandwich), St Lawrence Pizza (wood fired thin crust BLT pizza), Hot & Healthy Crepes (fresh fruit and buckwheat gluten free crepes), Full Belly Deli (Pig Pops a stick), Traffic Jam (gourmet sandwiches), La Botana (authentic Mexican), Tahoe Creamery (real ice cream), J & J's Italian Ice, and Lazy Sundae (with the best Mexican corn and gourmet ice cream sandwiches). Great Basin Brewery will also be on hand serving up locally brewed beer and wine.
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Cassie Uhlmeyer
October 01, 2012
Awesome! Brad and Karen are great people.

I wish you ALL the SUCCESS!!

October 10, 2012
Thank you Cassie!! Hope all is well with you and Grace!!

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