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Street Vibrations ‘finds new home’
by Garrett Valenzuela
Sep 24, 2012 | 4661 views | 0 0 comments | 7 7 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Tribune photo by John Byrne - Vaughan Sheradowski of Prescott, Ariz. and his book signing were part of the annual Street Vibrations event, which has been moved to the Nugget's West Parking lot.
Tribune photo by John Byrne - Vaughan Sheradowski of Prescott, Ariz. and his book signing were part of the annual Street Vibrations event, which has been moved to the Nugget's West Parking lot.
SPARKS — The once engine-roaring spectacle that was the 18th annual Street Vibrations Fall Rally cruised out of downtown Sparks Monday returning the west parking lot of John Ascuaga’s Nugget to its original state.

Event promoter Roadshows Inc. and its president Randy Burke faced new challenges after being informed of the event’s new location. Though restructuring the show was a difficult task, Burke said he looks forward to his rally being held entirely on Nugget property in the future.

“About two weeks before the event the city asked us to move to the Nugget and we had to start all over from square one and build a complete show in two weeks and that is almost impossible,” Burke said. “But, it worked out great and we were thrilled with this year’s show. We have a new home that belongs to The Nugget and we are already making plans for 2013 to bigger and better.”

Burke said the new venue posed some challenges for his team having to learn the new layout as the event progressed.

“If I had to choose something that was tough on us it was learning the electrical layout in such a short amount of time,” Burke said. “We spent a lot of time throughout weekend to bring in more generators. Now that we know the layout in the future it will be simpler. Parking was also a small issue because you can’t visually see the event entrance when you park down on Victorian Avenue. We had to work hard on signage to tell people it was across the freeway.”

Burke said the installation of new shuttles to transport people back and forth from the event in downtown Reno to downtown Sparks was a huge success. He said the free shuttles will become a yearly amenity to event goers and Roadshows will look to implement more shuttles to help with the congested Sparks parking lots in the future.

Burke said the new venue also added benefits to the event and made for a safe, enjoyable experience for his guests. The venue change to control wearing “colors” on the premises was an advantage to big-rig show trucks and families alike.

“We love the ability to secure the event with Sparks Police and Nugget security so we could create a secure event for a family production,” he said. “The night lighting down there really lights it up like it is daylight and we were right next to the freeway so people could see the sea of tents before they even came to the event. We had more than 12 big trucks who said they loved all the extra room to open up and operate, and that’s something they cannot do in downtown Reno.”

Burke said in the future some adjustments might need to be made to accommodate the hauling trucks’ ability to enter and exit the venue. He said, “Stephen Ascuaga assured me he would help with that.”

The venue change to enclose the event on Nugget property was in response to last year’s deadly shooting, which Burke said may have made some people weary about coming to the event. In the months leading up to Street Vibrations, Burke said his company reached out to motorcycle magazines and companies to assure dedicated event goers and sponsors the event was safe.

“The layout in Sparks and the ‘no colors’ policy made it a real positive and calm family event,” he said. “There were not a lot of noisy motorcycles revving their engines because some of the groups were no longer invited to come. The family aspect is back, but still a little bit down. When you have an incident, it scares people. Now that they have come to see hopefully they will go back home and spread the word that it’s safe to come back in the water.”
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