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Paul Ryan outlines plan for Republican campaign
by Garrett Valenzuela
Sep 07, 2012 | 3498 views | 0 0 comments | 4 4 recommendations | email to a friend | print
SPARKS — The battle for swing-state Nevada is on as the Republican political campaign of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan make their rounds in northern Nevada, making two stops in four days.

With AC/DC’s “Rock N’ Roll Train” blasting through the speakers, United States Congressman Ryan (R-Wis.) stepped onstage in front of an energized crowd Friday at Peterbilt Truck Parts in Sparks in support of presidential candidate Romney. Ryan listed some major points during the Victory Rally that the Republican duo would “get to work on right away” if elected.

“In this state and in this country we have lots of energy and lots of minerals. Let’s use that energy and create jobs — coal, gas, electric, renewables and Keystone Pipeline,” Ryan said shouting to the crowd.

Ryan also said reinforcing education and “spending money we don’t have” were issues the Romney-Ryan campaign plan to tackle. Ryan also said a target will be to aid small businesses in creating jobs for Americans, using the host Peterbilt Truck Parts as an example.

“Most of our jobs come from businesses like this, successful small businesses. When people are successful in business that’s a good thing, it’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Ryan said.

Eluding to Romney’s business ventures prior to becoming a governor, Ryan elaborated on Romney’s success concerning the Olympic Games and his work at Bain Capital. He said creating jobs and growing the American economy needs a focus on leadership and providing a clear choice in the upcoming election.

“(Romney) is a man who in everything in his life spells leadership. He is a decent man, an honest man, a man of faith, integrity and achievement,” Ryan said. “Remember the Olympics in 1999 and the corrupt and bloated spending? They called Mitt Romney, he dropped everything he was doing, moved to Salt Lake, spent three years turning it around, serving his country and he made us proud.”

Ryan said the White House and the country would benefit from having a president who has been successful in business because of his potential ability to create jobs like he has done in the past.

Ryan also took time to mention President Barack Obama’s leadership and his speaking ability. He then said the speeches were not improving the jobless rate and that Obama’s team was not concerned enough about the well being of Americans.

“President Obama is not a bad guy. He’s good at giving great speeches, but he’s really bad at creating jobs,” Ryan said. “When you think that the road to success and prosperity is more bottling, more spending, more taxing, more regulating with a government-centered society with a government-run economy these are the kind of results we get. If we want the next four years to be different than the last four years, we need a new president. President Obama and politicians like him in the White House are only worried about their next election. They are not worried about your well being.”

Ryan began winding down his speech saying that the election and governmental process should be about more than just economics. He cited the identity of the United States as being the most critical idea to keep in mind as the election approaches.

“America is an idea. It is the only country founded on an idea, and that idea is very precious,” he said. “Our founders said it better than anyone else can, and sometimes our presidents need reminding of this fact. Our rights come from nature and God and not from government. We are not going to try to transform this country into something it was never intended to be.”

Ryan closed by reminding the crowd of the important role Nevada plays in the election. As his running mate Romney prepares to visit Reno on Tuesday for a non-public address, Ryan noted the power Nevada holds this November.

“Nevada, as you know and you’re used to this, you are a battleground state,” he said. “That means you have a very special responsibility. Lots of people around the country are depending on you, and you also have a great opportunity because if we heed this moment for what it is we can get ourselves back on the right track. We can make America great and get back on the track to prosperity.”
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