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NV GOP, figure it out
by Sean Cary
Aug 18, 2012 | 10508 views | 6 6 comments | 33 33 recommendations | email to a friend | print
I don’t quite know what to make of the Nevada Republican Party anymore. Infighting, backbiting, internecine warfare, and that’s on a good day.

The Washoe County GOP at least somewhat recognizes that there is an election in less than three months, and they have filed the necessary paperwork to separate themselves from the Looney Toons who have hijacked the Nevada Republican Party and the Clark County Republican party.

This didn’t make others in the state very happy, and so began the civil war. The Clark County GOP, now hopelessly and completely controlled by militant Ron Paul fanatics is demanding Washoe Chairman David Buell’s resignation after they filed to become their own PAC.

From their release:

“The CCRP Executive Board has also called upon Chairman Buell to immediately resign as WCRP Chairman for his actions that have endangered the Nevada Republican Party and all of its county affiliates.

The CCRP sympathizes with those Republicans in Washoe County who have been caught in this situation by the decrees of autocratic party leadership, and hopes that if the WCRP is disaffiliated from the NRP, those Republicans in Washoe who truly seek to elect conservatives will help to rebuild and form what can become a new, efficient NRP affiliate in Washoe County.”

One has to love the rhetoric used by the new regime over at the CCRP Headquarters. The “decrees of autocratic party leadership?” My goodness! So Washoe County Chairman David Buell is some sort of ruthless, wild eyed tyrant simply because he wants to do the job he was elected to do, which is to help the Republican ticket get elected?

According to CCRP Chair Cindy Lake and Vice Chair Carl Bunce, yes.

Oh, and notice that this release said “those who truly seek to elect conservatives” rather than “those who truly seek to elect Republicans.” The CCRP leadership has no desire to elect Republicans; they have only one goal—disrupt the Republican national convention in Tampa and hand Nevada’s delegates to Ron Paul.

This goes to show how serious this problem is. Washoe County will be critical to the upcoming election. Washoe is a swing county in a swing state and the polls are very close here. Senator Dean Heller is only a few points ahead of his Democratic challenger, Rep. Shelley Berkley, and President Barack Obama’s lead in Nevada over presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney is also rather thin. Romney actually has a chance, but the Republican Party in Nevada is a disaster. Part of it is shackled because of leadership; the rest is focused solely on their false prophet, Ron Paul.

The RNC has tried to blunt the impact of the Ron Paul wingnuts by beefing up support to Romney’s Team Nevada operation, but those resources can only be stretched so far. They know that Heller is vulnerable, but they also know Romney has a chance here. Nevada is a hotly contested prize this year, and control of the Senate and the White House may rest on our shoulders.

Cindy Lake and her tinfoil hat contingent can huff and puff all they want, but it isn’t going to matter. David Buell will not be ousted at her hand. The Nevada GOP has been taken over by an ideological fringe that has a tenuous grasp on reality at best, and the RNC is not going to watch Nevada go blue (again) because the local party is a circus sideshow.

I yearn for the day when rationality once again becomes reality, and we can return to a normal brand of politics. This idiocy needs to cease and until that happens, Nevada is only going to get bluer.

Sean Cary is a local business owner, freelance writer, host of Nevada Matters heard on Fox News Radio ( and pundit on the television show “Nevada Newsmakers.” Contact him at and read his blog at
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September 03, 2012
Wow! Typical Romney of the "holey" diapers CULT, "true believers" in their LYING prophet that has to CHEAT in order to "win" elections as they, the "good, honest, 'god fearing, patriotic" STALINISTS in action as they chant their favorite mind-fogging mantra: "Character doesn't matter! Ahhhoooommm! Vote totals during an election don't matter! Ahhhoooommm! Because we're voting to beat Obama! Ahhhoooommm!THE Romney MUST BE OBEYED! Ahhhoooommm!" as they act like the Socialists and Communist Party leaders!

Their supporters are the typical ignorant, easily manipulated SLAVES living on "Jone's Plantation" as they continue to believe they're "free" while they DEMAND that their slave masters take MORE freedom from them in the name of "safety and security." And all in all, a party of FOOLS that can't seem to count votes without stripping down naked with no shoes JUST to count to 21!
August 20, 2012
Ex-Establishment - It appears that you dislike making an effort to verify anything before you post it just as much as Sean Cary does.

Here's some facts you apparently glossed-over before blessing us with your un-researched drivel:

1) The Clark County executive board has exactly the same number of representatives on the NRP executive board as does the Washoe County executive board – each has one who serve on both boards.

2) As far as NvRCC members go, Clark County makes up just under half of the total membership of the NRP. It’s inaccurate by any measure to say that the CCRP and the NRP are "pretty much the same people."

3) You should be very pleased about the job that the CCRP is doing registering voters in Clark County, particularly the $20,000 that they spent to register voters in establishment clone, Mari St Martin’s district, the clearest possible example of the so-called "loonies" cooperating in getting all Republicans elected, regardless of philosophy.

4) You also ought to be somewhat pleased that the RNC and the NRP are cooperatively running a $165,000 voter registration campaign statewide as well.

As much as you and Cary hate facts, it is clear that the NRP, the CCRP and the WCRP are all focused on one thing, which is registering voters and electing Republicans in November.

BTW, if you or Sean Cary are counting, of the 12 current members of the NRP executive board, based on their public statements, a little research would have shown that only 3 of the 12 initially supported Ron Paul, 4 initially supported Mitt Romney and 1 supported Herman Cain. There is no record of whom the other 4 supported. The NRP executive board doesn’t take sides in primaries or nominating processes – they support every Republican that throws his/her hat into the ring, and then get behind the winners. Every member of the executive board (yes, even CCRP Chair Cindy Lake) has said publicly that they now support the presumptive Republican ticket. Statements made that the NRP has been take-over by Ron Paul "loonies" are patently false.

Next time do a little research before you opine!
Rob T
August 20, 2012
Is this really the level of journalistic skill required to be published by the Daily Sparks Tribune? This author has obviously done absolutely no research, has no understanding of the issue he is writing about, and throws out wild accusations with no basis in fact.

Let's skip the the important parts - David Buell has filed paperwork with the FEC claiming that the Washoe County Republican Party (WCRP) is not affiliated with the Nevada Republican Party (NRP). Considering that Mr. Buell himself sits on the NRP executive board, that's obviously a patently false statement. The FEC considers this commingling of authority to be what it calls "coordination", which is a violation of FEC rules and could subject the WCRP and possibly the NRP to massive fines. This same stunt was attempted by a local party in Ohio a number of years ago, and the result was a $100,000 fine from the FEC.

Since the Clark County Republican Party is an affiliate of the NRP, it is well within their right for them to request that the NRP handle this situation with the utmost urgency, since the potential financial repercussions are severe.

Mr. Cary's accusations about the intentions and actions of the CCRP are also blatantly false and completely uninformed. The CCRP has been actively working with candidates for State Assembly, State Senate, School Board, and other local level offices to aggressively pursue voter registration and GOTV. In fact, I'd go as far as to say Clark County has never had party leadership that were as politically effective as the current officers and executive board are proving to be.
August 19, 2012
Another "quality" article by Mr. Cary. No research, no facts, just biased opinion but not from a "wingnut idiot," just an establishment shill.

For openers, Mr. Cary attacks the Nevada Republican Party (state party) for the actions of the Clark County Republican Party and fails to point-out that these are two different entities. He claims that the Nevada Republican Party has been hijacked by "Loony Toons" but fails to mention one NRP executive board member by name. About the only thing a reader of this drivel can imagine that qualifies a person to be a "Loony Toon" is apparently previously voting for Congressman Paul in the Nevada Caucus last February 4th. Well then Mr. Cary, how many of the 12 members of the NRP executive board voted for Congressman Paul on Feb 4th? All 12? 9? 5? 3? 1? How many of the 12? You don't know do you? Actually, after reading your story, it's clear you don't know much! So, may I suggest you pull your head out of Dave Buell's posterior long enough to find out? And remember, Mr. Buell ran for NRP chairman last April and lost by a greater than 2 to 1 margin - 192-90. Of the 90 votes he secured, half were (of the 90 votes) from Washoe County. So you can see, Mr. Cary, that apparently the state is full of the Loony Toons and drastically short of considerate, reasonable people like you and Dave Buell. Since politics is a numbers game, may I humbly suggest that you and your fellow RINOs get to work on winning elections!
August 19, 2012
Wait - I'm confused. Aren't the Ron Paul loonies now "the Establishment"? Doesn't that make PeterKroll the "Establishment Shill"? And as such, I wonder what he thinks about the bang up job those Black Helicopter nutters (while the CCRP and the NRP are techinically different entities, they ARE made up of pretty much the same people) are doing registering Republicans...
September 08, 2012
All i have to say is that after retiring up here to gods country,reno & sparks, the wife and i decided to get into the political section of voting and went to vote. they asked for id, gee that was a no brainer. trust me i did not object. we voted and their were several unhappy people watching the count inches away as if we were going to cheat. well mitt romney won. i was surprised they did not demand a recount, then they used their cell phones to phone someone from ron pauls group. geez then we have the wackos that want to take over the deligates. wheres the sence ?? having retired to sparks from the Los angeles police department it is a great area, this is the first time in over 35 years that i have actually seen kids playing in the streets and people actually being polite to one another. we just have to educate people that when you take a vote it really does count and its final.
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