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Stuck in ‘The Mud Below’
by Larry Wilson
Aug 06, 2012 | 2527 views | 0 0 comments | 5 5 recommendations | email to a friend | print
In the mid 1960s there was a movie called, “The Sky Above, The Mud Below.” That title seems to be a sort of theme for the mid-summer of 2012.

We’ve got the inspiring performance of all the young people in the Summer Olympics showing all the world that the focus, the resilience, the persistence and the resolve we Americans exhibit — despite our ethnic diversity, socioeconomic background or religious preference — can still be successful at anything we endeavor to do and still come out smiling as winners. That is the “Sky Above” for all of us.

Contrast that with the mud slinging, bald-faced lying and the incessant bombardment of ads that we are subjected to by the candidates for various political offices in all kinds of media every single day. That is the “Mud Below.”

Our country is suffering one of the worst droughts in its existence this summer, with much of our country’s farm land unable to produce crops. This will mean higher food prices nationwide.

Homes have been foreclosed upon, dreams have been smashed, whole neighborhoods are in a constant process of becoming dilapidated ruins and the Republicans want us to change to their side when they haven’t seen fit to compromise and assist in correcting this wrong to our society? I’d rather ride the horse I’m on until he drops than switch to theirs since they certainly can’t guarantee one thing better based on their previous performances.

People are out of work and many are running out of unemployment benefits shortly. All the while, Congress is taking a five-week recess to press the flesh, kiss the babies and win votes so they can go back in session and continue to fail to compromise and move our country along.

Come on, they’re incumbents after all aren’t they? Isn’t it our duty to return them to office so they can continue to do nothing except stymie the opposition? Bet me!

After finally ramping down our wars around the planet, the Republicans are criticizing the president for reducing the size of our military, thus reducing our country’s deficit, which is in the trillions of dollars. We all know the Republicans will see to it that those GIs who will be let go in this military cutback will be helped in securing jobs on their return to civilian life, don’t we? We’ll save money on our deficit, but the president will be criticized for running up the unemployment ranks as a result. You see, cutting back deficits means not spending as much money and something will have to be sacrificed in the long run — most likely increased unemployment. Either way, the president loses. Aren’t those Republicans so smart? What an inspiration they are. They must have worked for the same corporation that ‘ol Mitt Baby worked for when he outsourced all those jobs overseas. How clever.

The Republicans would have us keep our military numbers up yet criticize the president for saving a few trillion as we don’t need that large a military if we have no wars to fight. Maybe the Republicans know something we don’t. We very well might need that large of a military after all the fur that got ruffled after Mitt Baby’s all-important visit to the Middle East to show the world his foreign policy expertise.

Of course, it’s OK for Mitt Baby to slink into Reno in virtual secrecy and waltz out of here with a cool million and a half-plus dollars for his campaign. Those bucks would have gone a long ways towards furthering Reno’s economy – like, say, to pay the insurance costs for the Reno Championship Air Races, thus ensuring the race’s viability and adding millions to Reno’s economy in the offering. No, I think I’d rather have a photograph of me and Mitt, my buddy, for posterity rather than better my fellow Renoites.

I wonder if any of that million and a half will ever find its way to providing employment for the discharged GIs. Probably not. We don’t have enough slimy, slanderous venom pouring out of the airwaves as it is. Karl Rove and Dick Cheney are slipping. Those two guys are an inspiration. You like the political ads? Look in some dank, smoke-filled back room and you’ll find Rove and Cheney huddled in the middle of a group of Republican mucky mucks planning their next smear campaigns.

Yes, Virginia, we still do have inspiration in this country. The sky above is still as blue as ever, just look to the performers in the Summer Olympics. There’s our inspiration and heaven knows we need it for the upcoming fall campaign season.
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