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Crime Reporting Made Easy
by Jill Lufrano -
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Courtesy Photo/ UNHLaw Magazine
Shy Pahlevani
Courtesy Photo/ UNHLaw Magazine Shy Pahlevani
Courtesy Photo
A screen shot of Shy Pahlevani’s App: CrimePush
Courtesy Photo A screen shot of Shy Pahlevani’s App: CrimePush

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Imagine peering out your window and witnessing a burglar bashing in your neighbor’s car window. You grab your smart phone, quickly press a few buttons, video the crime and send it off to your local law enforcement department within a few seconds.

This scenario is exactly the type of situation entrepreneur Shy Pahlevani, founder and creator of the new and free iPhone and android application CrimePush, hopes everyone will be able to duplicate.

After its launch this week, CrimePush has been downloaded more than 100,000 times, Pahlevani said.

“It’s the first of its kind,” he said. “I think in one or two years everybody will have a safety or security app on their phone. Ours is so user-friendly. Ours is going to be the security app on everybody’s phone.”

After having his car broken into two times in one week in the Washington, D.C. area, Pahlevani said he came up with the idea to develop a simple, yet effective, way for anyone to contact and report crimes, incidents, bullying, domestic issues and any other law enforcement matters easily and quickly.

Considering the public’s fascination with their iPhones, iPads and android phones, Pahlevani said CrimePush would provide the ultimate way for the public to report incidents it would normally hesitate to mention.

The application allows the user to easily pick from a series of crimes, from theft, threats, fights, sex crimes, city repair dangers, vehicle crashes, vandalism, drugs and harassments. The application also is able to send out distress signals.

Users can also send police reports directly from their phones without contacting dispatch centers. The messages are delivered directly to email inboxes, instead.

“People are reporting things they would not usually report,” Pahlevani said. “Our goal is just to increase reporting and be the eyes and ears out there. Instead of walking away, use your app. The address and evidence can be sent to police instantly. It works everywhere, just like a 9-1-1 call. It uses GPS to route the report. It’s a super, user-friendly app.”

According to statistics provided by Pahlevani, a burglary takes place every 15 seconds in the U.S. And, every 43 seconds, a vehicle is stolen. There are also countless other crimes committed throughout communities and college campuses.

The application has already been integrated with high schools in the nation’s capital to combat vandalism and record audio of harassment incidents taking place and catching bullying events.

“We are all in search of a safer country, and CrimePush has just unveiled what could be the answer to the country’s crime problem,” according to a release about the unveiling of the application.

Pahlevani — who has found success in the past developing other start-up companies, earning $30 million for his first venture and $1 million for his second, he said — joined with a couple of other small investors to develop the application. The development took four months to create, he said.

For now, the downloads are free. Eventually, the company will charge a licensing fee for police who wish to gain intelligence using the data gained from the reports, he said.

“I’ve had police all across the country wanting to use the service, in every state, wanting to receive the crime tips from our application,” Pahlevani said. “We’re getting a lot of media attention.”

Those who want to download the application can find it on iTunes and Google Play.

For more information about CrimePush, log on to

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Crime Reporting Made Easy by Jill Lufrano -

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