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Lauren Scott for Assembly
by Sean Cary
Jun 03, 2012 | 2456 views | 1 1 comments | 34 34 recommendations | email to a friend | print
No matter how much they tell you differently, politicians are all pretty much the same. Blue suits, perfect hair, sensible shoes and the ever-present flag pin.  Every candidate is “not a career politician” and they all gyrate about, frenetically trying to sell their product to a prickly electorate that has been rubbed raw by an incessant barrage of ads, signs, mailers and 24-7 campaign coverage on the cable networks.  Messages are drowned out by slick marketing and the more they talk, the less we know about where they actually stand. Issues are lost to identity politics and catchy slogans, and the voters are worse off as a result.

Outsider candidates pop up like weeds every election, and only occasionally do they attract much, if any, attention. More often than not their message is radical and baseless, they really aren’t serious to begin with or they try to self-fund their way into office simply because they have the extra dough lying around. On both sides of the fence the establishment is king, and in my discussions with these earnest but oft misguided outsiders, my professional advice is typically to give it your all, but don’t be sad when you lose by 90 points.

Enter Lauren Scott.

A tall and quietly elegant woman, it is easy to assume that perhaps fading into the scenery is where she is most comfortable.

Yeah, that’s until she opens her mouth.

I first interviewed Scott on Fox News Radio several months ago, and I approached it like any other political interview. Politicians are highly skilled at answering the questions they want to, not the questions they are asked, so my focus is typically on cutting through the campaign-speak to get them on the record about the issues.

Suffice it to say, I didn’t have this problem with Scott.  Even the simplest of questions were met with reasoned, researched and rather lengthy answers.  I was secretly grateful for the extensive answers since they allowed me time to furiously research deeper follow-up questions. It restores hope to see a politician who greets the issues with lucid, thoughtful and concise answers, not just mealy-mouthed platitudes and deflection.

Wicked savvy when it comes to governmental affairs and the effects of government on the private sector, Scott’s extensive knowledge of policy expands far beyond the human rights issues she is famous for in the halls of our legislature.  Scott is on the right side of history and science when it comes to the future of green energy here in Nevada, and it is ideas such as hers that will turn Nevada into the green energy state, not just the green felt state.

For too long, compromise has been a four-letter word in American politics. This is why it encourages me to see a politician who can break out of the hyper-partisan mold and actually admit that government needs money to function. In an era of worthless tax “pledges” and countless groups trying to pigeonhole our elected officials into voting “no” on every piece of legislation, Nevada needs moderates like Scott who are willing to stand up, sometimes in the face of their own party, reach across the aisle and make bipartisanship the word of the day.

This sort of outlook is how Nevada must approach our ever-changing tax policy. The solution to Nevada’s woes isn’t only about lowering taxes; it is about creating a business-friendly environment complete with a cutting-edge workforce to entice thriving industry back into our shuttered storefronts.  Scott gets this, and she has firmly adopted a policy of responsible regulation, sound energy policy and smart development to put Nevadans back to work.

She understands that tax revenues will increase as more people go back to work and at the same time, they will be able to rely less on the social safety nets that are dragging government budgets into a chasm of red ink. I think Scott’s website says it best: “We don’t need to raise taxes, we need to get Nevada working again.”

I applaud Lauren Scott for standing up to the old guard and the old ideas currently controlling the Republican Party.  She ain’t your parents’ Republican and if you’re looking for the scorched-earth rigid conservatism so passionately favored by some, you’re not going to find it here.

Scott is an expert on renewable energy, a friend to businesses large and small alike, she understands the importance of a limited but efficient government and she is an unabashed moderate. For those reasons and many more, she earns my endorsement.

It’s time for a new direction here in Sparks. It’s time for Lauren Scott.

Vote Lauren Scott for Assembly District 30.

Sean Cary is a local business owner, freelance writer, host of “Week in Review” heard on Fox News Radio 99.1 FM and pundit on the television show “Nevada Newsmakers.” Contact him at and read his blog at Sean Cary’s endorsement does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Daily Sparks Tribune.
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June 03, 2012
Thank you Sean Cary for your endorsement!
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