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Holy Grail or the Golden Grail?
by David Farside
Dec 13, 2011 | 719 views | 0 0 comments | 3 3 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Christmas reminds me of my spiritual roots. Because of my Catholic upbringing within the dark purple walls of the mortification of the flesh, I decided to follow the humane path toward Universal Consciousness rather than serve a prescribed eternal penance for something I didn’t do.

I could never understand why we worship Jesus Christ as a deity. Instead, I celebrate the birth of the man for what he was: a political activist, intellectual philosopher, spiritual healer, teacher and a martyr for his cause of social justice and belief in his God.

Falsely using the name of Christ as a deity, Christians have created philosophical divides and religious barriers resulting in 2,000 years of war and inquisition, causing human cruelty, indignity and death. After the Crusades in his name, Christians almost destroyed the intellectual fulcrum of knowledge during the Renaissance and set the marvels of science back 500 years because it challenged the power and authority of the Pope.

The teachings of Christ were misunderstood by the Jews and the Romans. Because of his so-called miracles and interpretations of Hebrew law and the words of the main prophets, most Jews believed Christ fulfilled the prophesy of the coming Messiah. But before he died, they rejected his teachings, betrayed his trust and crucified their new King of the Jews on the cross of eternal salvation.

His blood provided the mortar that built the foundation of their new religion. His resurrection was proof of his deification and his disciples became the rock of the martyred king’s new church. Christ had unknowingly divided the Jews, created an offshoot of Judaism that became Catholicism, united the Romans and provided the foundation for the rich, powerful, political and male-dominated Vatican.

Six hundred years later, another Messiah, the Prophet Mohammad, made his 300-mile trek from Medina to Yathrib, giving life to the third theological branch of Judaism called Islam. The territorial, philosophical and economic triangle dividing Jews, Muslims and Christians fueled the fires of the Crusades. And here we are 800 years later invading sovereign Muslim nations in an effort to convert them to our theocratic Christian democracy “under God,” still protecting orthodox Judaism from the fangs of the Palestinians who want their land back and treating Muslims as if all of them are terrorists.

As these divides continue to expand on the principles of hate, war, conversion and protectionism, it is evident the time is ripe for the Jews to finally find a new Messiah for themselves. Since Christianity and Islam are basically the same except for their belief that the Messiah has already come and gone, that seems like the only solution that will end the killing and open the gates to Heaven here on earth. Maybe next year on 12-12-12, a 33-year-old woman will walk through the ruins of a Jewish settlement in Palestine, reveal her identity as the true Messiah and save the world. The Jews would probably shoot her, thinking she was a terrorist.

As a spiritual leader, Jesus the teacher cleared the path to unquestioned faith with humane values, mystical principles and a lifestyle of voluntary simplicity. As a political activist he was groomed by the Essenes to challenge the orthodox beliefs of Judaism. He challenged the authority of the rabbis. He explained the secrecy of the scriptures. He preached and lived among the people. Walking barefoot, he taught by example in the open spaces of the countryside; he didn’t need a stone temple of the gods, a cathedral with a gold tabernacle nor did he wear vestments of superstition.

At times, I often wonder if this man called Christ wasn’t duped by John the Baptist and progressives of his day to play out the “Passover Plot,” thinking that in the end, he would be saved by his own people. After all, at the end of his life he did ask his father, “Why hast thou forsaken me?” And, we don’t know his last name, where he is buried or too much about his personal life. As a teacher, he never wrote anything himself, he was always written about by his close followers.

Every Christmas, I wonder if the dish of the Pascal lamb is really the Holy Grail belonging to a deity named Christ or the Golden Grail of the Catholic Church once despised by a teacher named Jesus.

David Farside is a Sparks resident and political activist. The polemics of his articles can be discussed at His website is

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