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Where were you on 9/11?
by Tribune Staff
Sep 11, 2011 | 1418 views | 1 1 comments | 2 2 recommendations | email to a friend | print
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Tribune/Jessica Carner Larry and Mary Manning, of Loyalton, Calif., shared their memories of Sept. 11, 2001, with the Sparks Tribune while attending the Great Reno Balloon Race Saturday morning at Rancho San Rafael Regional Park.
“I was in second grade and I had just moved to Reno. My best friend was Arabic, and I remember people made fun of him and were really mean. I didn’t understand why they were mean to him. … It wasn’t until a few years later when we watched a video on 9/11 in school that it hit me.”

— Adam Madison, 18, freshman at University of Nevada, Reno

“I remember because my birthday was right after it (Sept. 12), and all the adults at my eighth birthday party were gathered around watching it on the TV. I understood that people had died, but I was so young and because it was so far away I just didn’t really understand what was going on. It took me a long time (to realize the gravity of what had occurred). It was when I watched a documentary and saw some of the images.”

— Ann Donavon, 18, freshman at University of Nevada, Reno

“I was taking my dad to chemotherapy and I heard it on the radio. They were saying, ‘Of course you know about the plane crash,’ and I wasn’t sure what they were talking about. When we got to chemo, they had it on the TV and we saw that the first plane had crashed and then saw the second hit. I felt confused, scared, insecure, in shock. … Then coming home we saw people along the street with flags, shouting and yelling, and I had just never seen anything like that before.”

— Mary Manning, Loyalton, Calif.

“There was a great response of American pride and sympathy right after it happened, but they seem to have already forgotten. I’m 66 years old and an ex-police officer … and I just remember the sickness in my stomach seeing the people falling off the building. … Now here we are just a few years later, and they want to build a mosque right next to where it happened? It’s very disrespectful.”

— Larry Manning, Loyalton, Calif.

“I was a substitute teacher and was teaching a journalism class (at Sparks High School). The teacher had planned a lesson, but the teacher turned on the TV in the morning and we watched the news all day. It was interesting to watch the class reactions. The juniors were interested and watched it, but the freshmen almost tuned it out. … I was first of all amazed that a plane could fly into a building … then I saw the fuel go up and thought it would be OK if they could suppress the fire. I never thought the whole building would collapse … I felt truly helpless.”

— Wally Free, Washoe County School District substitute “teacher at large” and member of the official Great Reno Balloon Race crew

“I was watching the news, putting my makeup on and eating my cereal, like I do every morning. When the first plane hit, I went upstairs and woke up my daughter and said, ‘You have to see this.’ After she was downstairs, the second plane hit … it was just a shock. Mind-numbing.”

— Barbara Halen, drafter for IGT and member of the official Great Reno Balloon Race crew

“I was 16 at the time. It was just crazy. I went to Galena High School … we watched the news during first and second period. … It was more numbing than anything.”

— Kimberley Halen, Barbara’s daughter and member of the official Great Reno Balloon Race crew

“I was 17 when it happened and remember we were afraid of being attacked. Then right after that were all the anthrax attacks, and I lived in Indianapolis at the time, where a lot of mail goes through. … There was so much uncertainty even if you didn’t live in a big city.”

— Patricia Winkler, official Great Reno Balloon Race crew member
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September 11, 2011
I was getting ready for work and my mom called me crying "turn on the TV NOW!" I asked her what channel, to which she replied, "ANY". I knew something big had happened. I watched in horror as we saw the second plane hit the Towers. I don't know if I was more saddened by the sudden loss of humanity, both for the victims of whoever caused this or the people who caused could someone do this on purpose? It had to be a malfunction of some sort on the first plane. But, no, a second plane ended up on the same path. This was no mistake...someone did this on purpose. How? Why? What the heck were they trying to say? I thought it was a "local" person(s) who had done this. Terrorism NEVER crossed my mind. When the story slowly unfurled, boy was I angry. I was becoming more and more upset at the seemingly lack of response of our government. All were said were some words. Initially, shutting down the skies for the first time in history, but then, it seemed like, nothing. Just words. My neice ended up enlisting in the Army and her graduation date was Sept 12, 2002, which meant we had to fly on Sept 11, 2001. I was quite unsure about the safety of our airlines just one year later to the day. The only way I could come to grips with it was through my faith. All of those poor people who died - no one went to work thinking they'll die today. When God calls, there is no where else to hide, you go. If my time was supposed to be up, then so be it. I still marvel at how we've "come along" with our homeland security. In some places it's truly an inconvenience to some (how quickly we forget), and others it's not enough. It appears there is a quicker mass media response in the US...we do live in the multimedia age, so our news comes almost instantaneously. Sometimes I long for the days of ignorant bliss - okay, not so much! It's like a parent who lies to their child...they will find out and then they won't believe you any mnore.
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