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Enjoy it while it lasts Giants fans
by Dan Eckles - Commentary
Aug 05, 2011 | 1110 views | 0 0 comments | 7 7 recommendations | email to a friend | print
The Sparks/Reno area is littered with San Francisco Giants fans. They are everywhere. You see them with their black and sickly orange hats at the grocery store, in the sports bar and at their kids’ sporting events.

When you go through the MLB section at Scheels, there seems to be a lot more orange than in past years. And it’s all because the Giants are the defending World Series champions and continuing that success by setting the pace in the N.L. West again this season.

Do you know how painful that is as a Dodgers fan? It’s kind of like somebody giving you a wedgie and then offering to buy you new underwear, all the while smiling nicely. It’s a dirty, sick feeling that doesn’t go away just because you change your shorts.

I used to catch grief from Giants fans about liking the Dodgers. Then I’d ask about the last time they won the World Series. It didn’t used to be since they moved to the West Coast in 1958. That sarcastic retort of mine got scuttled when San Francisco went out and shocked the world last fall en route to MLB’s top prize.

The Giants winning is one thing. The team had been to the postseason a number of times in the past 15 or so years. But to see the Giants winning while the Dodgers are down, and I mean really down, is gut wrenching. It’s putting a serious damper on my summer.

My six-year-old son used to enjoy watching the Dodgers on the extra innings satellite TV package with me. He’d memorize all their uniform numbers and I’d quiz him. Now, the Dodgers are so bad, he gets mad when I turn the game on because that nixes his plans to play Mariokart, Madden football or Wii Resort on our video game console.

Being the loving dad I am, I make him suffer just like me. We watch the Dodger game.

But again, the Giants winning while the Dodgers lose is the worst possible scenario. Los Angeles has hovered around 10 games or more under the .500 for much of the past couple months. On top of losing on the field, they losing off it too. The Dodgers, one of baseball’s most heralded tradition-rich franchises, are mired in the sleazy backstory of an owner in ugly divorce proceedings.

While Giants fans are bankrupt of good taste, the Dodgers are just bankrupt. Owner Frank McCourt has siphoned so much money way from the team to for his own personal use, the team is financially in dire straits. The day MLB Commissioner Bud Selig tells McCourt to ‘take a hike, you’re out as Dodgers owner,’ can’t come fast enough.

The Giants went out at the trade deadline and got the best player available. Good for them. This is the first year in a long while the Dodgers were sellers and not buyers at the deadline. It’s too bad they didn’t sell more. The smaller the payroll for an eventual new owner to start fresh the better.

I just hope all you Giants fans out there in the Truckee Meadows are enjoying every minute of what us Think Blue believers will be a short show of superiority.

Dan Eckles is the Sparks tribune’s sports editor. He can be reached via email at:
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Enjoy it while it lasts Giants fans by Dan Eckles - Commentary

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