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Anti-tax propaganda is winning
by Jeff Blanck
Jun 27, 2011 | 496 views | 0 0 comments | 3 3 recommendations | email to a friend | print
For decades now, the new conservatives and reactionaries have been spewing forth anti-tax propaganda. Their mantra is that all taxes are bad and no taxes means we all will live in utopia.

I am tired of listening to their lies and their propaganda.

Without taxes we wouldn’t have any roads, water or electricity in our homes, police or fire protection, public parks or pools, buses or libraries. We all contribute to support these services that make us a community, a society and a country. The millionaires among us have bought up the media and are telling us that tax cuts will result in more money for the economy and we will all do better. They have been preaching this since Reagan was president.

Well, it hasn’t worked yet and under George W. this trickle-down theory led to the second great depression. Bush gave huge tax cuts to millionaires in 2003 that cost our country more than $14 billion in revenue. Those losses were made up on the backs of working American families. You see, Bush didn’t cut any services; in fact he went crazy with military spending. So at the same time he is increasing spending, he is cutting income. The result was and still is a massive deficit and a huge debt to communist China.

The new American nobility doesn’t need any tax breaks and doesn’t deserve any. They should be required to pay back a large part of their gains to the community, as has always been the case in the past. Under Truman, the top tax bracket was 90 percent, under Carter it was 70 percent. That’s right, if you made more than a million dollars 70 percent of the next million was paid to the government as taxes. So if you earned $5 million in a year you got to keep about $2 million. Now, those millionaires want me to feel sorry for them and say it isn’t fair so let them keep more of their millions. And the really big lie is that by letting them keep their millions I am supposed to believe that it will somehow benefit everyone else.

Well, it hasn’t.

Our Gov. Sandoval picked up the “no new taxes” mantra from Gibbons. You would have hoped he was smarter than that. Even Reagan raised taxes. But businesses and corporations aren’t paying their fair share. Now our schools and universities are second-rate and somehow this is supposed to help attract new businesses to Nevada.

But most Republicans and conservatives have been so brainwashed that the mention of the word “tax” makes them froth at the mouth. They are now repeating the no-new-taxes mantra that only benefits the rich and leads to their own detriment. Big government isn’t the problem — big business is. Taxes aren’t the issue — low wages are. Most people’s wages are going down or aren’t keeping up with inflation. The solution is not to get rid of taxes but to get better-paying jobs. Forty years ago, one working person could support a family of four and provide them with health care and an education. That is now gone. We have replaced that with a new nobility of millionaires and the lie that “you too can be a millionaire.” This new anti-tax system is why 400 Americans now have as much wealth as half the population of the entire United States. We need to redistribute that wealth to the people through taxes.

We are a country with a government by the people and for the people. We need to take it back. We can start by ignoring the propaganda of the millionaires and start taxing them at higher levels for the benefit of us all.

Jeff Blanck is an attorney in private practice in Reno. Contact him at
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