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Which side are you on?
by Travus T. Hipp
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History suggests that we Americans are not particularly astute in our election of presidents. Recent experience illustrates our weakness for image over content in our leaders, beginning with Ronald Reagan, whose boyish affability masked a serious lack of understanding of the real world outside his imagined script as leader of the free world. Cushioned by expert partisan advisors, Reagan was allowed to be the figurehead for the neo fascist wing of the GOP while mouthing slogans and ersatz philosophies that are now considered a new gospel by the far right.

George Bush was no better, and when his son took on the mantel of free world leader, things really went to hell in a hand basket on nearly every front. Even after his first term, the  9/11 fiasco and Iraq, G.W. managed to convince the voters and the Supreme Court that they wanted to have a beer and a barbecue with the good ‘ol boy Texas oil hustler, all on the national tab. It may take decades to dig ourselves out of the whole fiscal hole he dug, but he seemed so friendly.

This coming election, in ‘12, is a lot easier for even the dimmest among us. The choice between the parties has been so clearly defined by the overreach of the tea party and their ilk in taking control of the Republican party, as to simplify the election for the simple, whose votes have dominated in our past mistakes. The policies advocated by the newly minted Republican majority in the House of Representatives are so obviously out of touch with the electorate as to be laughable if they weren’t so disastrous.

With healthcare a self defined rip off, threatening to impoverish anyone living long enough to get sick, the GOP intends to end Medicare in favor of forcing everyone to buy insurance from the same profiteering companies currently gouging the victims. With the retirement savings of millions of working Americans destroyed by the Bush economic failures, the new cons want to cut social security off for anyone born after 1965 in favor of stock market investment and tax delayed bank savings accounts.

Additionally, the party of Lincoln would like to end racial preference grants and scholarships for the underclass, eliminate enforcement of air and water quality standards by the Environmental Protection Agency and demand proof of citizenship from suspected illegal aliens and political candidates.

In the past only those citizens interested enough to keep track of what was happening in politics could sort out the details of the campaign promises made by one or another party. This year, however, the issues are so blatantly obvious that even the most casual observer must be aghast at the stark contrast between the two sides.

Which begs the question; Which side are you on?

“Travus T. Hipp” is a 40-year veteran radio commentator with six stations in California carrying his daily version of the news and opinions. “The Poor Hippy’s Paul Harvey,” Travus is a member of the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame, but unemployable in the Silver State due to his eclectic political views. He can be reached at
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Which side are you on? by Travus T. Hipp

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