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Local doc offers alternative vet care
by William F. Schley - PetFolio Magazine
Mar 30, 2011 | 2416 views | 1 1 comments | 6 6 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Courtesy Photo - Black Lab Benny receives acupuncture treatment from veterinarian David Lowell (left). Benny is a seeing eye dog for his owner William Schley.
Courtesy Photo - Black Lab Benny receives acupuncture treatment from veterinarian David Lowell (left). Benny is a seeing eye dog for his owner William Schley.
RENO — At a bucolic site on Bonde Lane, David Lowell treats pets and livestock with remedies and unconventional treatments that often result in improvements that standard pet medicine might not accomplish.

Lowell has been a veterinarian for almost 30 years but began studying and practicing holistic medicine for animals in 1998. Herbal remedies, acupuncture and animal chiropractic adjustments keep local dogs, cats and even horses in good health, even when standard practices might prove ineffective.

“I had a client in 1998 whose sick horse wasn’t improving, and when a veterinary chiropractor adjusted the animal’s back, the horse became completely sound,” Lowell said.

Lowell studied animal chiropractic techniques with Sharon Willowby, founder of the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. He also studied herbal medicine and Chinese acupuncture. His entire practice now comprises alternative treatments.

Lowell pointed out the primary differences between holistic veterinary medicine and standard practices.

“Allopathic medical practices tend to treat symptoms often with chemicals,” Lowell said. “Natural healing methods seek to address the root causes of the distress and relieve them naturally.”

Lowell founded Bonde Lane Animal Hospital in 1987, now called All Creatures Animal Hospital, located next door to his present office. He sold the practice to his business partners in 1998 when he decided to do full-time holistic pet care.

In 2009, my black Labrador guide dog Benny began to exhibit distressing symptoms. The problems began with what appeared to be a shoulder pain, then quickly developed into rapid weight loss and atrophied muscles. Ben lost interest in guiding me and was too weary to play. Even after an emergency surgery, Benny’s interest in living diminished and I feared he might need to be put down. After speaking with staff from three alternative vets, I met with Lowell.

“I check the quality of a patient’s pulse, appearance of the tongue and other aspects of the animal’s life to determine a course of treatment,” Lowell explained.

Lowell gave Ben a thorough hands-on checkup. Ben had been limping, and Lowell chose acupuncture to treat his organ and mobility difficulties. Benny winced at the chiropractic adjustment but didn’t seem to mind the 21 acupuncture needles inserted into his shoulders, hips, ears and head. The doc also prescribed an herbal supplement to improve liver function and increase skin circulation.

Benny immediately began what would become a four-month return to vigorous health. During that time, he was back in harness and playing with his favorite toys. A new luster shone in his eyes and coat, and his renewal seemed miraculous. Benny sees Lowell regularly and at 10 1/2 years, he is still a fully functional guide dog.

Brian Herr of Reno owned a yellow Lab diagnosed with a cancer that his vet declared terminal. Herr brought Chester to Lowell’s office with a six-week prognosis for survival.

“Chester responded well to the holistic treatments and lived virtually pain-free to the age of 12 years, another two-and-a-half years,” Herr said.

For more more information, call Holistic Pet Care at 853-6002, Tuesday through Saturday, or visit The clinic is located at 6476 Bonde Lane in Reno. Other integrative solutions to pet care are available at All Creatures Animal Hospital and Lakeside Animal Hospital in Reno.

William Schley is a longtime PetFolio reader, pet lover and writer who relies on the guidance and companionship of his canine best friend.

Article reprinted with permission from PetFolio magazine.
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Local doc offers alternative vet care by William F. Schley - PetFolio Magazine

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