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Saving the children
by Travus T. Hipp
Mar 06, 2011 | 572 views | 0 0 comments | 3 3 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Any time you hear a politician calling for new laws to protect our children you can safely assume that the result will be yet another abuse of parental rights and the particular children whose parents offend societal sensibilities in their communities. Whether it is the demand that kids be enrolled in public schools, parental drug use of simply keeping a messy house, the social worker/police state will decide whether you can keep your children under your roof and control whether you must surrender them to the tender ministrations of government and the foster care system.

I have no clue what pretext the LAPD had for taking twin 3-year-old boys away from Charlie Sheen, but I doubt that that the kids are better off than they were with their millionaire father and his bevy of beautiful consorts.

In point of fact I suspect they are terrified at being kidnapped by the authorities and held in some sort of juvenile facility full of other crying and angry children. The elastic charges of “child endangerment” allow police and others to snatch the kids and explain why later, all without revealing the whereabouts of the children to their parents. So much for family values as a societal norm.

I also question the Texas authorities that seized several hundred children from a group marriage community of Mormon fundamentalists at gunpoint of an armored personnel carrier with a .50 caliber machine gun. Some of those children are yet to be re-united with their birth parents.

I recognize that neither group marriage nor the Hollywood highlife are exactly role models for polite society, but taking of children seems a bit extreme as a penalty for what is at worst disorderly conduct. Keeping kids in a cage in the basement and sexually abusing them might qualify for government intervention on a variety of charges, but barring such offenses, children are better off with even bad parents than the foster home program as presently performed.

Foster care has become a financial scam for “caregivers,” many of whom house and feed half a dozen or more children for a nice monthly stipend of several thousand dollars. In order to keep anyone from developing any lasting affectionate relations, the kids are transferred from home to home for years with little or no effort made to reunite them or place them with permanent adoptive families.  

The observable result of this policy is on display in the nation’s criminal courts daily, with hundreds of defendants telling tales of multiple homes and neglect of emotional support. In our rush to protect the children we have created a new crop of sociopathic drifters, cast loose at 18 without support or training in a job-short economy. Criminals are made, not born, and the government is making more every day.

Stealing children is kidnapping, whoever does it, and our government should not be the leading perpetrator in America.

“Travus T. Hipp” is a 40-year veteran radio commentator with six stations in California carrying his daily version of the news and opinions. “The Poor Hippy’s Paul Harvey,” Travus is a member of the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame, but unemployable in the Silver State due to his eclectic political views. He can be reached at
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Saving the children by Travus T. Hipp

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