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The BoDeans to play a party of live at the Nugget
Late 1990s teen melodrama TV show theme songs will never die.
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Kraig Parker’s Elvis is no ‘fat uncle in a jumpsuit’
When the man in the white, sequined jumpsuit walks onto the stage in Victorian Square today to shake his hunk of burnin’ love, who will that man be?
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Artist brings life and death full circle
At the center of the third floor gallery at the Nevada Museum of Art stands a stone hut.
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Lipizzaners are stars on stage
As a young rider, Reno resident Stacy Taylor was introduced to dressage, a style of horsemanship initiated by the ancient Greeks and now an Olympic sport.
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Concert Review: Sol Jibe jives well with Farmer’s Market
The Hometowne Farmer’s Market Thursday crowd is diverse. Moms and dads, enjoying a summer evening over a meal, high school kids getting as much time in before they’re ushered off the streets at 9 p.m. by horse toting cops and 20 somethings starting the weekend early with an Icky beer from the Great Basin Brewery.
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Local band brings world flavor to Sparks
As the members of Reno group Sol Jibe step into the band's studio/house, there’s little time to waste.
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Woodturner turns nature over
While most men might have their home garages dedicated to hardware, tools and odd car parts, Joe Donohue has a 900-pound wood lathe.
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Shakespeare play rocks the boat
Crashing waves and deafening thunder open Shakespeare’s romantic play “The Tempest” as a boat is seen caught in the violent raging sea. On deck, men frantically try to save their seemingly doomed lives before the inevitable splintering of wood. There is no hope for them.
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Concert Review: Bird takes flight
If anyone walked into the Grand Sierra’s Grand Theatre Wednesday without knowing Andrew Bird, they walked out afterwards, unable to get him out of their heads.
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Laid-back singer lays out his heart for Sparks
Singer-songwriter Howie Day “collides” this Friday at John Ascuaga’s Nugget in the Celebrity Showroom, proving that his coffee-shop vibes can fill a theater venue.
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Smooth jazz artist starts off Lake Tahoe music festival on a...
As the 26th annual Lake Tahoe Music Festival kicks off today, concert goers will enjoy an evening under the stars as six-time Grammy-nominated saxophone player, Dave Koz will entertain true to his contemporary jazz style.
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A glimpse at ‘A Life Worth Living’
The lives of local AIDS victims will be on stage over the next three days in the four-scene drama “A Life Worth Living."
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Spend a summer night at the Shakespeare Festival
The amber-colored sunset makes the turquoise blue water look like diamonds floating in the ripples. Soft sand accents the tall evergreen trees that frame the outdoor amphitheater. Sand Harbor is the perfect place for an evening at the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival.
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One man performs with the strength of an orchestra
To the average person, a Cracker Jack box with a ruler taped to it is bizarre junk. But to a 4-year old Andrew Bird, it was his first violin.
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Ness plants his rock roots in Reno
When punk legend Mike Ness takes the stage at the Grand Sierra Resort on Saturday, he and his band mates will be accompanied by the spirits of the rebel rockers who came before them.
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Nugget Photo Contest
The fireworks are over and the last remnants of Star Spangled Sparks are being packed away until next year. But John Ascuaga's Nugget is searching for a few good images to remember the event.
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The road runs through Sparks for Chicago band
Traveling with a trail of good vibes following them, band members from the Chicago-rooted acoustic funk band 56 Hope Road will play at the Sparks Hometowne Farmer’s Market today outside the Great Basin Brewing Co.
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Dancing with only a wing and a prayer
Three dancers stood in a tight circle, the floor an open stage around them. While flittering their hands in front of their chests, almost like an exterior heart beat, more dancers joined them, eyes straight forward. With each step and lunge, an exhaled breath escaped into the hot auditorium as arms and legs poised gracefully without effort, focusing on nothing but the music and keeping time. The dance is called “Promises and Dark Chocolate” an...
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