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Secret Connection: The business of positive energy
by Nathan Orme
Jun 06, 2008 | 1374 views | 2 2 comments | 22 22 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Tribune/Nathan Orme - Jennifer Wallis is owner of Secret Connections, a feng shui/matchmaking business she started three months ago from her home in Reno.
Tribune/Nathan Orme - Jennifer Wallis is owner of Secret Connections, a feng shui/matchmaking business she started three months ago from her home in Reno.
It may be Jennifer Wallis’ name on the business cards and fliers for the feng shui/matchmaking business Secret Connections, but she says she is not really the head honcho.

“This is the universe’s company,” she said, “I’m just a pawn.”

It is her belief in larger forces and their effect on people’s fates that is the driving force in both Wallis’ life and business. She started her one-woman company three months ago as a matchmaking Web site after a friend asked her what she would do with her life if she could pick any one thing. She recalls not knowing why she chose matchmaker, but a week later the thought returned to her while she was in the shower and she knew it must be a calling.

But Wallis’ calling actually began about five years ago, when she started learning about the Law of Attraction and philosophy of feng shui (pronounced fung shway) which is Chinese and translates to “wind water.” It is taken from the ancient Chinese practice of utilizing laws of astronomy and geography to create a flow of positive energy, or Qi (pronounced chi). In modern Western culture, the practice has evolved into arranging objects, such as furniture, to enhance positive energy and achieve goals.

“Feng shui is used to correct or neutralize feelings whether negative or destructive, feelings that can make a person feel stuck,” Wallis wrote in her business statement. “Once the home has its energy redirected and new energy is flowing, what happens to the individual is nothing short of miraculous.”

For $250 regular price – currently on special for $150 – Wallis will come to your home and give a consultation on how to get the miracles flowing. Using her feng shui map as a guide and aided by printed materials that she gives to clients for later reference, Wallis will go through the entire house or just a few rooms to explain the areas of life that each room symbolizes. Some clients want to improve their lives in all areas, Wallis said, whereas others just want to focus on one.

Wallis employs “black hat” feng shui, which she said was Westernized from China in the 1970s to focus on individual wants and make changes accordingly. For each area of a home, Wallis will make suggestions of ways to improve the chi, which she says leaves many clients overwhelmed and thinking they need to make all kinds of drastic changes. But, she says, sometimes just little changes and getting rid of clutter, which blocks positive energy, is all that’s needed to initiate change.

Certain parts of a house are for love and relationships, others for career or family or knowledge, and each area has certain elements or colors that will block or aid the flow of positive energy. For example, a mirror is good in the entrance area of a particular home because it is the career area. The mirror, Wallis said, is good for the career area because it symbolizes water, which is the element for career. In the love and relationships area, items like nightstands and candles should be in pairs and there should be some pink and red in the room, the colors for love. Be careful, though, because she says too much red can lead to “passionate fights.”

Though her business plan started with matchmaking, Wallis has decided to focus on the feng shui and to only do matchmaking informally. If she does feng shui consulting for two single people she thinks would be a good match she will introduce them, but only because she has already helped them get their lives in order and knows them well enough to judge their compatibility.

Wallis has been hard at work over the last few months getting her business in order. She has written her own press kit and started a simple Web site, She is still working a full-time marketing job in Carson City, but she hopes that local advertising and word of mouth will enable her to build a client base large enough to cut her job to part time in a few weeks and then shift to her own business full time in the coming months. She knows her client base will most likely be comprised mostly of women, though she says some men are receptive to her ideas. Wallis will also have a booth at the first Hometowne Farmer’s Market in Sparks on Thursday.

Among the 20 or so Secret Connections clients thus far is Debbie Berger, who lives in a two-story home near McQueen High School in Reno. After her divorce four years ago, Berger said it was time for her to make some changes to her life and home so she called Wallis for a consultation. Taking advantage of the $150 special, Berger said she and Wallis focused on making changes to her bedroom.

“She wanted me to make the energy be better for two people,” Berger said of Wallis’ advice. “Instead of having one nightstand with my bed in the corner of the room she said I should get two nightstands. I needed to make it more so that a couple would want to be there, change the energy so it is more attuned to two people than one person.”

Berger said she is happy with the changes she made at Wallis’ suggestion and that she got her money’s worth by getting the input from a person rather than a book.

“I’ve read it before and it’s a little bit confusing and if I didn’t understand something she would tell me certain things I needed to do,” Berger said. “I’d much rather have a person come and tell me.”

With about 20 clients under her belt, Wallis is optimistic about the future. She seems to be engulfed in the positive energy that is the selling point of her business.

“I think there are so many people who want to do something but have so much fear,” Wallis said of venturing out on her own. “They should just go for it because they can do it. Always. So many people have said ‘I really want to do this or that but I can’t because I don’t have enough money or I’m afraid to move my benefits. I think you go for what you want; the rest will fall into place. I totally believe that.”

Secret Connection

Jennifer Wallis, owner

Phone: 530-7100


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Sue Fujii
June 12, 2008
I've had the opportunity to meet this beautiful woman and experience her positive energy. She is full of enthusiasm and wonderful ideas. I'm looking forward to having her come to my home to help me re-direct the energy into a positive flow. Good luck in your new venture, Jennifer.
June 08, 2008
I was so excited to read of this beautiful enterprise! It is so wonderful to see the Law of Attraction in action!! All the best to Jennifer and may her business bring positive influences to many, many people in our area. We will all benefit!
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