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Obama, ‘I’m not scrambling the jets’
by Harry Spencer
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Referring to the continued disappearance of NSA leaker Snowden, President Obama had a strange comment from his current bailiwick in Africa last week. He seemed extremely diffident when he said it was not necessary for him to call anyone in China or Russia, the two spots that have been identified as Snowden hideouts.

He said that he “would not be scrambling the jets” in order to return a 29 year-old “hacker” to the United States. For the President’s information, Snowden is more of a “leaker” than a “hacker.” But his terminology seems to be in concert with his previous remarks when referring to the Benghazi incident. On that issue he has said there is “no there there.” For his information the “there” that is there is the fact that there are still four deaths of U.S. citizens. It goes along with some of his previous quotes such as, “You didn’t build that” … “We no longer have bayonets, we have ships that go under the sea.” When really the undersea ships are known as boats. Surely any Commander In Chief who has witnessed military parades where our fighting forces proudly march with bayonets affixed has noticed that we still use this implement.

The President indicated that the normal channels of law should be all that is necessary to bring Snowden to justice. Unfortunately, his top law officer in Washington is the only U.S. Attorney General that has been in contempt of Congress and is now under investigation about his statements under oath to Congress. Furthermore, the Hong Kong officials noted that all the t’s had not been crossed nor all the i’s dotted in the initial request for Snowden’s extradition.

While the President seemed to feel that his personal intervention in the case was beneath him, Secretary of State John Kerry noted that the event may cause the possible death of American citizens.

Despite all the scandals that currently engulf the Obama administration in Washington, the President recently sought to deflect criticism by concentrating on two very important issues as far as he is concerned. They would be the reduction of nuclear weapons and a renewed fight against global warming. He made the reduction of nuclear weapons the topic of a speech before a very sparse crowd in Berlin. He urged a new attack on carbon emissions in a subsequent talk in this country.

Following his chilly reception from Russia’s Vladimir Putin at the G8 summit, Obama probably had second thoughts about the “restart button” that previous Secretary of State Hillary Clinton famously presented to Russia.

As a matter of fact, many commentators have suggested that we may be entering a second phase of the Cold War.

In a time when the lack of funding has closed White House tours to the general public, Obama is purportedly spending 60 to 100 million dollars on his week-long African jaunt.

It seems the only time that Obama “scrambles the jets” is when he and Michelle take separate jets to and from their vacation spots.

Harry Spencer is a long-time northern Nevada resident.
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