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New archery business going green
by Damian Tromerhauser
May 29, 2012 | 1869 views | 0 0 comments | 8 8 recommendations | email to a friend | print
contributed photo - Wheldon Pitts aims at a foam target while honing his archery skills at the Wasting Arrows facility.
contributed photo - Wheldon Pitts aims at a foam target while honing his archery skills at the Wasting Arrows facility.
The summer months can leave many in search of activities to pass the time and take advantage of traditionally good weather. Luckily for those in the Reno-Sparks area, there is a new company providing an exciting sport to locals.

Wasting Arrows opened for business on March 8 and has presented its customers with the chance to learn and master an innovative change to the way most people know archery. While most outdoorsman are familiar with the sport of targeting sporting clays, Wasting Arrows offers a new twist. Utilizing a Laporte Bow Trap machine, foam targets are launched into the air or along the ground as archers stand and aim for their intended object. The differences from clay pigeons only grow from there.

“The major difference is you’re shooting at a foam target that is 10-inches in diameter, which doesn’t break and turn into trash after you shoot it,” said Lystra Pitts, who owns Wasting Arrows with his wife Deana. “I know some people who can shoot clay targets with a bow and arrow. There are a few archers who are good enough to do that, but there are not a lot of them. With clay targets, they are usually only three inches in diameter and when you hit them they break into big chunks of orange debris. If you have ever driven through the back roads of Nevada, that debris litters the sides of the road everywhere. With our targets, they are completely reusable and they don’t make any mess. You shoot them, you pull the arrow out of it, you put it back in the machine and you shoot it again. It’s 100 percent green. There’s no lead shot being shot, there’s no noise pollution. It’s completely green. The machine is run on a car battery so there’s absolutely no pollution of any sort.”

While the many benefits of the sporting arrows certainly interested the Pitts family, it was the initial joy of the sport that got them hooked. After finding out about sporting arrows, the Pitts researched the new sport online and immediately were intrigued by the fun of the videos that they watched. The Pitts took a trip to Phoenix, the closest location that offered sporting arrows. Soon after, they founded Wasting Arrows here in Nevada.

Located just east of Sparks, off of USA Parkway Exit 32, Lystra Pitts said things have looked up for the almost three-month old business. Part of the reason is its accessibility.

“We go out there to exit 32 and set up, but we also do events like corporate barbecues and picnics,” Lystra Pitts said. “We’re like a mobile service so we can go to different places. We’ve set up at shotgun shoots. We’ve set up at archery shoots and we’ve gotten huge responses back. It’s been pretty fun. It seems to just grow and grow and grow.”

It is a special type of arrow that Wasting Arrows employs that allows it to be a portable service.

“We use Flu Flu arrows, which is an arrow that has oversized fletching. What that does is it kind of acts as a brake,” Lystra Pitts said. “You shoot the bow and it goes really fast right off the bow, which gets you to the target quickly, but then after it passes the target, if you miss, the fletching is like a parachute on the back so the arrows don’t go very far. Usually an arrow will go about 200 yards, but our arrows go about 60. This allows us to set up anywhere as long as we have an acre of space.”

With the ability to bring its creative new game to anyone at almost any location, there is no one who cannot enjoy Wasting Arrows.

“When you shoot a bow and you hit a target, it’s just a fulfilling moment and when you see a target hobble out of the sky because you put an arrow through it, it’s exhilarating,” Lystra Pitts said. “We just want to bring the fun of archery to people who normally don’t get to experience that. It’s for everyone. Our bows are really light draw so it doesn’t take Hercules-like strength to pull them back like a hunting bow. The youngest kid I’ve had hit a target was 5 years old. The kids love it.  It’s a new kind of archery. It’s a whole new sport. We have all the bows and all the arrows that anyone needs. All you have to do is pull it to your cheek and let go.”
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