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My life as a marathon: The easy route
by Sarah Cooper
May 24, 2010 | 703 views | 0 0 comments | 11 11 recommendations | email to a friend | print
My heart pumped and my feet pounded down the all too familiar and easy road this morning. I admit, it was a struggle getting out of bed, donning my sweats and hitting the running road. However, once out, I had a great, easy morning run.

I don’t know about all runners, but I certainly have those paths that I take when I need an easy run. It starts with a little rolling uphill, some easy downhill and I can round out a little 3-mile run in half an hour, getting back to the house in plenty of time to shower, have some breakfast and head out to the office. Problem being, I have a race for which to ready myself.

The husband and I will be two of 12 friends who will run the Reno Tahoe Odyssey relay race the weekend of June 4 and 5. Each runner is asked to take turns contributing between 3 and 8 miles to an overall race of 178 miles. During 24 hours, someone from the team is running.

As I meandered down my comfortable morning run, the miles that I will be running in just a couple weeks ran through my mind. Also, the marathon I am hoping to run is starting to peek over the horizon of my training consciousness. It got me thinking about routines and comfort zones.

Almost every morning, I get up, go for a quick run, get ready for the day, clean up the house, eat breakfast while catching up on reading and the news and then go to work. Day in and day out, I am comfortable. But am I improving? Am I ready for the races that lie ahead of me?

What lies in store for us depends on what we put in store for the future. It is a simple fact that muscles that are not properly trained will not perform well in a race. Somehow, I think the same idea may prove true for personal and professional endeavors as well.

Work hard, do the best you can and be better tomorrow than you are today. In running, and everything else for that matter, there is nothing more than you can do.

Tomorrow morning I may work on some interval and hill training in my 30 minute run. Tonight, I intend on making a goal sheet and sticking to it.

Sarah Cooper is a reporter for the Sparks Tribune. She can be reached at
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