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The American Dream certainly isn’t poverty
by David Farside
Jan 06, 2014 | 2949 views | 0 0 comments | 132 132 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Congress is back in session, democrats and republicans are still figuring out what to do with the Tea Party and President Obama is crossing his fingers on the success of his Affordable Health Act. On the surface, 2014 doesn’t seem much different than 2013. Although basic political differences remain the same, political compromise may be on the front burner in both the House and Senate. However, it will depend on the attitude and goals of President Obama that will set the tone for compromise in the legislature or the failure of his own personal agenda.

Extension of long-term unemployment, scheduled to be discussed this week should pass. Republican Senator Dean Heller, of all people, representing our great state of Nevada has broken ranks with mainstream republicans and introduced a bill that will extend unemployment. Good for him. It’s about time he set aside party politics and is finally doing something for the people who elected him. Thanks to Bush era policy, Nevada has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. It’s only fitting that another republican helps us cope with G.W. economics. I’ve always said Bush graduated from Yale with a degree in home economics. Yale never new they offered a degree in home economics until Bush graduated — only kidding.

Speaking of Bush, I see former republican Governor of Arkansas and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is taking pot shots at the Obama administration again for leaving Iraq and withdrawing from Afghanistan. Last week, radical Sunni militants joined forces with AL Qaeda, seizing control of Ramadi and Falluja. Police stations were set on fire. Prisoners were freed and Sunni mosques were taken over in the two most important cities in Iraq. He did mention that Bush, the nations budding artist in both oils and acrylics, did get us into the war; but he blamed Obama for ending it. How could Huckabee want it both ways? Never mind- he’s a republican. Actually, I thought Huckabee would have been a great presidential candidate. He is honest; at times does make sense and he would sincerely compromise with integrity and well informed knowledge of the options. This was more than I could say for most of the other candidates democrats and republicans.

As usual, I’ve digressed. Since Dean Heller is supporting the democrats on extending unemployment benefits, now is the time to join Sen. Harry and the Obama administration’s push to raise the minimum wage. After all, republicans argue people would rather stay home than work for eight dollars an hour. What greater incentive would there be for employment if they could work for a minimum wage that places them above the poverty level. It would stimulate the economy, provide new jobs in retail and the childcare field and reward people for their work.

No one in America should be working just to maintain their status in poverty. That is not the “American Dream.” America’s dream should be having a congress and president working together for the betterment of all Americans, not just conservatives and liberals but for every one of us in between.

David Farside is a Sparks resident and political activist.
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