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The (Un)Affordable Care Act
by Harry Spencer
Nov 04, 2013 | 1726 views | 1 1 comments | 105 105 recommendations | email to a friend | print
The headline story across the nation the past week has been the so-called Affordable Care Act implosion. The fact that the website is still not up and running, after it was supposedly put into action over a month ago, was the highlight of the debacle.

While the President was yucking it up about the failed website on his trip to Boston for the World Series, people around the country were receiving notices that their insurance plans had been cancelled. Also while the Pres said to just “shop around” those same people found it impossible to access other plans either by website or telephone.

The premise of the ACA is that millions of healthy young people will purchase expensive insurance plans thus creating funding for those less fortunate people who heretofore have been unable to purchase insurance. This again smacks of the old adage “from each according to his abilities to each according to his needs.” In actuality the savvy young generation of today is too astute to fall for such a premise.

While the President said that many of the policies that were being cancelled were “bad apple” policies delivered by suspect insurance companies, the fact of the matter is that those cancellations were coming from highly respectable companies like Blue Cross and Aetna.

Most of the media, including the mainstream previous supporters of Obamacare, were now showing clips of President Obama issuing his famous quotes when he was selling his health care plan. “If you like your insurance plan, you can keep your insurance plan.” “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” The President’s most ardent supporters, when quizzed on TV about the accuracy of those statements, have said that the President should have nuanced them a little better.

A lot of the mistakes and missteps of “Obamacare” came to light last week when Health and Human Services Secretary Sebelius appeared before a Congressional committee. At one point in her testimony she issued a statement that was purely reminiscent of the tone that Hillary Clinton used when she famously said “what does it matter” regarding the Benghazi situation. For Sebelius she flippantly answered “whatever” to a very important query from the committee. She finally admitted that she took complete responsibility for the botched rollout system but also noted that the President himself was the man in charge. It is probably no coincidence that Sebelius herself, who violated the Hatch Act, is quite adept at diverting most of the problems with Obamacare to the people who were hired to create the website.

The most startling news that came out last week was that Congressman Darrell Issa released what were supposed to be secret documents regarding Obamacare that showed that only six individuals had signed up on the first day the rollout began. When it comes to the actual number of people who have signed up, the White House and the HHS have continually pleaded for more time – until Nov. 15 – to release the official numbers of enrollees. It will be interesting to see if that deadline is met and if the figures actually do indicate there is complete disinterest in the whole plan.

Harry Spencer is a long-time northern Nevada resident.
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November 08, 2013
Does this writer remind you of a one trick pony?

A broken record with toxic attitude with nothing new to say other than present an under tone of hate.. more specifically.. hate the black man in the WHITE House.

Sure the roll out of Obama Care is an unmitigated disaster, and heads should roll.

The concept of Obama Care is the law of the land, the implementation is a whole different issue.. but this writer cannot see beyond the difference of the two.

To have this guy continue to contribute to this rag of a newsprint is affirmation that it is what it is.
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