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Taking a ‘Leap of Faith’
by Andrea Tyrell
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“Leap of Faith” by Sparks doctor Jeffrey Millman
“Leap of Faith” by Sparks doctor Jeffrey Millman
For those with chronic physical or emotional pain, the task of going through every day life can be overwhelming. Those suffering may go to medical professionals to seek treatment but sometimes, the physician’s input can leave the patient with more questions than answers.

In his book, “Leap of Faith,” Sparks doctor, Dr. Jeffrey Millman, writes that pain is a phenomenon we all, everyone around the world and in history, has experienced and that those going through painful moments should be able to learn from them.

“I’ve been in practice for about 40 years and over that time, I’ve seen a lot of pain, a lot of death and dying and the fear behind it,” said Dr. Millman. “I began to wonder why there is so much pain in the world.”

In his book, Dr. Millman suggests that readers should look at the pain we experience as an opportunity. “People try to avoid pain but it’s inevitable, like death,” said Dr. Millman. “We shouldn’t be afraid to die. It’s just another journey of our spiritual being.”

Dr. Millman writes that people are spiritual beings having a human experience. Although he is a firm believer in traditional medicine, Dr. Millman’s holistic approach in his book focuses on pain can help heal. “People think they’re being punished, that they suffer because they’re bad people,” said Dr. Millman. “But everyone experiences pain no matter who they are. It’s from the pain we experience in which we grow from.”

“We are more than our bodies,” said Dr. Millman. “I have delivered over 200 babies and seen them all come out with different personalities,” said Dr. Millman. “We are all born with individual souls. A soul chooses a body and we come to this earth school to learn lessons.”

He insists when people look at their entire lives and balance out physical and mental attributes, they can focus on spiritual self. Often times, his patients come to see him, complaining of a bodily pain. Painters are encouraged to look beyond their body to what they’re feeling and explore healing options based on their mental state.

“Emotions regulate the body,” said Dr. Millman. “When you’re experiencing emotional pain, you often times have physical symptoms from it. This book teaches the reader how to communicate how to yourself, how to read your emotions.”

Originally from Brooklyn, Dr. Millman attended medical school in Chicago and completed his residency in Los Angeles. After moving around the country, working in small towns as the only known area doctor, Dr. Millman settled down in the Sparks in 1981. In addition to working in his board certified family practice On McCarran Boulevard , Dr. Millman is a clinical professor, who lectures at the UNR Medical School. He began writing “Leap of Faith” 10 years ago when the concept of the book came to him during a mediation session.

“Leap of Faith” includes the real-life examples of Dr. Millman’s patients, giving readers a first-hand experience they can base their problems around and hopefully solve. From stories of those needing help in changing their diet, to a passage of a young woman getting robbed at gunpoint, the examples present different stages of fear, sadness, depression and worry and explain how each one of the protagonists turned their perspectives around.

“People need to hear this information from a medical doctor, someone with a good reputation, who speaks to you as a friend. I wrote the book for the average person,” said Dr. Millman. “It’s not written as a scientific book and not necessarily New Age-y. It’s a spiritual guidance to remove fear from life.”

With hopes of reaching the mass public, Dr. Millman approached Oprah’s and Dr. Mehmet Oz’s staffs about the book and getting it to appear on their respective television programs. “I hope to speak with one of them soon,” said Dr. Millman. “I think both of them would enjoy the book deeply.”

For those going through a difficult time, Dr. Millman is certain that his book will help influence positive changes and encourage readers to think more spiritual about their situation.

“Think of yourself like a car,” said Dr. Millman. “You have your four tires that represent your body, your mind, your thoughts and your spirit. You must make sure that all four tires are inflated so you can zip down the highway of life. My book is like an owner’s manual for you.”

“Leap of Faith” is sold at bookstores all over the Truckee Meadows and on For more information about Dr. Jeffrey Millman, visit
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