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Egypt now aflame in the Middle East
by Harry Spencer
Jul 08, 2013 | 2397 views | 2 2 comments | 98 98 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Last week was a big news week by any measure. Topping the news was the revolt in Egypt that saw President Morsi removed from office and placed under house detention. This story has the potential of igniting a tremendous civil war in Egypt, ala the Syrian conflict.

Fortunately, President Obama has asked both sides to “play nice.” We know from previous utterances from the Pres that his words carry a great amount of weight. Since we chose to back Morsi in the first place, we seem to be in a very difficult position. Shortly after Morsi took over, it became apparent that he was controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet we continued to send plenty of cash and even several of our jet fighters to Egypt.

The Egyptian situation looks to be but another weight that has fallen on the shoulders of our new Secretary of State John Kerry. This event, coupled with the still unresolved Benghazi situation, seems to ratify Hillary’s most famous quote when she appeared before the Congressional investigators. That quote was “the Department of State has systemic failures.”

Apparently during her stint as the Head of State, Hillary was unable to cure these systemic failures that were capped by her taking full responsibility for Benghazi and the four dead Americans. Despite her statement of “what does it matter?,” President Obama was delighted to appear with her on a broadcast of 60 Minutes where he extolled her tenure at the State Department.

As it turned out, John Kerry was the second choice for Secretary of State after Susan Rice withdrew her name, although she was never nominated. Instead, Rice, who propagated the big Benghazi lie about an anti-Muslim video, was elevated to the very sensitive position of National Security Adviser. Fortunately for her, such a position does not require Congressional approval.

The current list of people who have not told the truth in the Obama administration now includes NSA Director Clapper. He joins such previous purveyors of the administration’s party line that includes Jay Carney, Erik Holder, the President himself, Hillary and Ms. Rice.

Big news on the simmering scandals that plague the White House is the fact that IRS honcho Lois Lerner has agreed to testify if she is given immunity. This would seem to indicate that she has something pertinent to say about the IRS scandal. If not, she certainly wouldn’t be in a position to bargain.

With the Middle East in turmoil, Russia’s Putin’s icy demeanor at the G8 Summit and Obama’s diffident approach to everything except nuclear disarmament and global warming, things in general have probably never looked worse for the U.S.

Despite all these dire situations, most Americans seemed oblivious as they held their usual celebrations on the Fourth of July.

By the way, where is Vice President Joe Biden at this critical moment in history?

Harry Spencer is a long-time northern Nevada resident.
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July 09, 2013
Since most Americans do not live in your Fox News alternate universe, it is not surprising that we are oblivious to the doom and gloom that consumes you. Happy Fourth of July!

Last I saw, Joe Biden was doing his job, presiding over the Senate, when the Senate passed the Immigration Bill. Isn't that a critical moment in history?

Wouldn't it be nice if the House Republicans actually did their job? I'm not talking about groundless witch hunts, attempted repeal of Obamacare ad nauseum, legislating women's health, and denying the civil rights of minorities. All these may appeal to the looney tune right wing base, but do little in addressing the real problems and issues that befall our nation.

As far as the Middle East is concerned, Democracy is messy thing and it takes time, and unfortunately blood, to get it right. If you recall, it took us two wars of independence and a civil war to get where we are today.

I suggest we, and others, stay out of it and let their growing pains run their course.
Harry Spencer
July 11, 2013
Dear Condor, glad to see you are an avid watcher of Fox News also. It was recently rated the number one news network.
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