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Sen. Dean Heller: Betrayal of our Constitution
by David Farside
Apr 22, 2013 | 2232 views | 4 4 comments | 6 6 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Senator Dean Heller’s recent vote opposing an expansion of background checks prior to the purchase of guns is typical of modern-day republican strategy to overthrow the ideals of our original Democratic-Republic party founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1792. What a great name for a political party. After all, we are a constitutional democratic republic and we do elect legislators to implement laws based on the needs, concerns and will of the majority. Or at least we should. In 1828, the party dropped the word Republic from its banner head and became know simply as the Democratic Party.

 In 1854, in its effort to abolish slavery, the Republican Party was formed. I suppose there would be a redundancy if they called themselves the Republican-Republic Party, so they conveniently dropped the word Republic from their letterheads, hoping we would all forget we really live in a Democratic Republic.

Last week, when the Senate voted on a bill that would have prevented felons, gang members, drug dealers and terrorists from buying weapons at gun shows or from family members without background checks. Republicans and some Democrats alike forgot they should have represented the will of the people instead of selling-out to the NRA.

Vice President Joe Biden summed it up best. Despite polls showing that up to 90 percent of Americans supported tighter legislation, one lawmaker told him the people’s support for change didn’t matter in his decision to vote against the bill. The unnamed politician told Biden the 10 percent who didn’t want change are going to show up and vote for him. And that 90 percent who think the change is a good idea will not vote for or against him because of his political stance. In other words, he sold out the American people to stay in office. Too bad Biden didn’t give us his or her name.

But we all know the name of Sen. Dean Heller. He said he is opposed to the bill because it could lead to a national gun registry. He didn’t say why a gun registry is a bad idea. Maybe he thinks we need to arm and protect ourselves against attempts by the federal government to confiscate our weapons. Or maybe he is just another paranoid republican.

The second Amendment gives us the right to bear arms. It doesn’t preclude gun registration or a national gun registry. That‘s an NRA policy that protects the criminal, street gangs and terrorist.

As law-abiding citizens, we also have constitutional rights. We have a right to be protected from criminals who obtain guns illegally wanting to kill us. Our government spends billions protecting us from terrorists in Pakistan, Afghanistan and around the world; but, thanks to the NRA’s hold on politicians, we are unable to be protected from ourselves. .

Senator Heller has betrayed our ideals and values of our Constitution. He has ignored the voice and will of almost 90 percent of the American people because he fears a possible national gun registry. He has aided and abetted our enemies by preserving the conduit for terrorists to purchase weapons at gun shows. He has betrayed our Democratic Republic for the convenience of our enemies to arm themselves against us.

David Farside is a Sparks resident and political activist.
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Dave J
April 23, 2013
By the way, in the USA Today today a new poll says less than 50% of Americans now support more gun laws. So based an a more up to date poll, Hesustains right and Obama is wrong. So shall we expect Obama to drop it now that the wind has changed?
Dave J.
April 23, 2013
Senators are elected to represent a state, not the nation as a whole. Representatives are elected to represent a district, not the state as a whole and not the nation as a whole. Therefore they should and do listen to their respective constituents. It does not matter what those in L.A., Chicago or New York City think, unless they are the Senators or Representatives of those people. Dean Heller is a Senator from Nevada and only the views of Nevadans should influence his vote. Something Harry Reid seems to have forgotten. Rather than condemn Heller, we should praise him for voting as his constituents desire and not as voters in others states want. Way to do Dean, shame Harry.
April 23, 2013
Where do you get the idea that Dean Heller is representing you, or Nevada for that matter? His reasoning for voting the way he did was only political. It is called self interest. He certainly doesn't want to upset the power brokers in the NRA who would then throw their money and support to some other wingnut next election.

If you think a background check is going to infringe upon your access to firearms, then perhaps you shouldn't have access to firearms.
May 03, 2013
Dud,e you have no idea what you are talking about and neither does the author of this article. The Constitution exists specifically to prevent the majority from trampling the rights of the minority.

Senators comprise the interests of the United States and Representatives comprise the interest of The People.

Please do some research before running off at the mouth.
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